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The Incredible Hulk: An Origin Story (2012)

The Incredible Hulk: An Origin Story

Anyone out there looking to find ways to get your young children into reading comics?  Well, Marvel is making it easier and easier to do so – they released a few of these “Origin” stories that have very simplistic and wonderful art – as well as a sort of “quick” version of how they came to be who they are.  The Hulk book has some Banner childhood stuff – him being bullied, not the “abusive father” angle – and also has plenty of Hulk smashiness.  Worth picking up – especially if you have little ones to share it with!

Marvel Masterworks – Volume #167 (2011)

Marvel Masterworks #167

Yes, the new Hulk MM volume is out.  I picked up the gold frame cover (#167) and they are now getting into one of my favorite era’s of the Hulk.  Trimpe is really getting his confidence in drawing the Jade Giant in all of his glory – and the Leader is ever present!  For me, there is not a miss in this collection – every story is amazing – pick up this book, is you can!

I just finished the last Defenders MM so this came at a perfect time – I don’t get a whole lot of time to read extra stuff.  It’s funny – I like the Omnibus format but haven’t touched it because I read the issues a few times over in other books.  This is why I LOVE the MM books – these I can take with me anywhere – and when I find a myself with a few extra minutes before I have to do a job – I crack open a MM and go into my job with a great attitude!

Get it while you can!

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 8 (2011)

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David - Volume 8

Yes, that’s right – volume 8!  While I applaud Marvel for continuing this series going I do have to give a strong jeers to the fact that they are charging $29.99 – and have even stopped using the glossy paper stock.  Maybe they didn’t think anyone would notice – or more like; they don’t care.  Still, I would love to see a collected Omnibus of the Hulk PD years – just as they did with the ASM McFarlane years.

Hulk Coloring Books (2003-2008)

400 pages!?!?!? That's totally worth it!

You know the crazy thing?  I have so much stuff that I have shown I spend half my time looking through this website to see what I have and have not posted.  It’s almost ironic – I come to my own website and search for things that aren’t here – just to put them here!  A vicious cycle, indeed!

Hulk Coloring Book 2 - a lot thinner, not as impressive...

One of the few things I never usually post are these coloring books.  I found MOST of them at Bedrock Comics for a half dollar each – and when Lex gets old enough you can be sure I will be busting these books out and we will go to town with a couple of crayolas!  96 to be exact… with a crayon sharpener on the back of the box – because that’s how I roll!

This is my favorite cover!

I am sure I will need to buy extra green crayons.  I am sure Fern, Forest Green, Inchworm, Jungle Green, Mountain Meadow, Pine Green, Shamrock, Screaming Green, Sea Green, Tropical Rain Forest, Yellow Green – and in real desperate times – Electric Lime could substitute well enough – but people should take  some real pride in their work!

Wow, how many of these do I have?

Actually, the different greens would make sense, the Hulk has changed the shades of green a few times over – so… yeah.  How does one finish a sentence like this?  Just let it fade away?  Distraction?  I go with the latter – Oh!  Look another coloring book!

Aaaaaannnnd - that's it!

Marvel Masterworks / Omnibus Collections

Marvel Masterworks

I’ve started compiling a list of the MM that the Hulk is in – and am on my way to getting most of the books.  I didn’t start collecting these books until 3 years ago – when I received the first Hulk MM from my friend Corry as a birthday present.  Since then, I have all of the Hulk MM as well as the Defenders, some X-Men, Spiderman and Fantastic Four.  One of the best things about these books is the amazing presentation of these hardcover bound books.  They really go all out when putting these together – usually giving a few extras a the end.  Anyone who buys these books deserves extras – as you will be parted from a bit of cash when you get them.

Fantastic Four MM

Avengers MM

 Most will set you back about $50 – but be a smart shopper and you can find them for about $20 – the only issue I have recently is finding shops that will still carry them.  Most stores don’t bother ordering these books anymore – unless you specifically ask – and at that point, unless you are a loyal customer and the owner feels like doing you a favor, you will be paying close to retail.  So, if you seek these – it’s time to hit the online shops.  One of the early mistakes I made was picking up the grey covers for a few of the books in the beginning – but the way to go is to make sure you get the more limited “Gold Frame” covers.  I have Gary Miller to thank for that!

Amazing Spiderman MM

Now, Omnibus collections are a whole different monster all together.  Should you choose to purchase one of these gigantic books you must be aware of a few things.  #1) These books are heavy!  So heavy in fact that you may have trouble reading these while doing certain activities – like reading on the toilet – or sitting on the beach and relaxing.  If that’s what you want to do – these are NOT the books for you.  Find a comfortable place to sit, rest the colossal book on your lap and read as much as you can before the weight of it starts cutting off your circulation!

The Omnibus I have...

#2) Be aware that most of these books are priced at $99.99 – no matter the size.  Which, to me, seems like B.S.  For example – the Incredible Hulk Omnibus is over 700 pages – while the Secret Wars Omni – just over 400, but – you guessed it – BOTH are priced at $99.99.  What BS is that?

Anyways – enough blubbering – I will continue this rant in another post…

More Marvel Masterworks Fun!

Defenders - the first release

Now, here are the latest MM I’ve picked up.  I am making sure not to be swindled into purchasing the silver editions anymore – I think, like Gary Miller said in the comments last week, it looks so much better to have the books that look similar.

Defenders - 2nd release

Of course the most recent in these pictures is the second Defenders volume.  One thing I love about these issues is when they collect every issue that pertains to the storyline – even when it’s not part of the series.  The Defenders do that – the first volume doesn’t just start with issue #1 – or even Marvel Features Presents #1 – no, they go back to the SubMariner #34/35.  I love that!

FF with Hulky issues #111 and #112

The very rare Amazing Spiderman #119 and #120 are reprinted here

I picked up the volume with Hulk guest shots in Spiderman, X-Men and FF as well – I have almost every volume of the FF that has the Hulk in it – this one having issue #112 in it.  Funny enough – the Hulk also appears at the end of issue #111, also has quick shots in #113, #114 and #116.  I would never have known that if not for these collections!  Take my advice – make sure you do not pay full price – find someone selling for at least 20%-50% off.  That’s how I roll…

Hulky goodness all over this MM - X-Men volume.

Marvel Masterworks… The Update!

MM Volume #8

MM Volume #39

I ended up picking up all of the green cover/gold frame Hulk MM.  It was bothering me too much not have them all this way.  When I originally picked up a grey cover it was a direct order from my LCS and that’s what they gave me.  It goes without saying that they no longer get my business when it comes to these books.

MM Volume #56 - For some reason THIS book was the hardest for me to track down for a reasonable price

I love the MM collections.  I think I picked one of these up for retail – and from then on I’ve been smarter than that.  Most of the time I can find these on ebay for a good deal – or amazon – or even better, I wait till some of the comic shops are having a good sale and I snag which ever ones I want.  I am currently up to date with the Hulk MM – but I am also seeking out some of his better appearances.  You’ll see what I mean next Wednesday…

MM Volume #78

MM Volume #115 - The latest to be released

Hope you picked these up too~!

The Incredible Hulk #606 2nd print

TIH #606 2nd print came out – which is sort of a big deal since it’s the first issue that went into 2nd print for a while – also the HC collecting TIH #601 – 606 + the List came out called: Son of Banner.

Son of Banner HC

Hulk Notebooks (2009)

70 Years of Marvel Notebook

70 Years of Marvel Notebook

These two notebooks I found at Newbury Comics.  I thought they were worth showing – but honestly, Ive had some pretty busy weeks – and now construction is starting on an addition on my house – and I have to pack Hulk stuff away – so I’m picking out items that I have never shown – I have a couple of awesome Hulk figures and such – but for tonight I went with the simple.  These covers are “moving” covers – the Hulk one was impossible to get a picture of – but the 70th Anniversary one just has the coolest image of the Hulk.

Hulk Notebook

Hulk Notebook

Hulk Rage: Follow the Leader (2003)

A Ten Cent Book - this is what it looks like!

A Ten Cent Book - this is what it looks like!

When the movie came out they released the 4 or 5 page board books for kids.  Originally priced at $5.99 – I found this earlier this year when I walked into a CVS and it was just sitting there amongst the other books!  I was so excited because when it was released I never picked it up – and here it was!  Years later!  Just sitting in a random CVS that I walked into!  But the best part is that when the cashier rung it up it came up as – ready for this?  $.10!  Yup, a whole dime!  And there is no tax on reading material in MA – so it came up as… $.10.  I paid for this with 2 nickels. :)

The Hulk rescues the small town and captures the Leader - hope I didn't ruin the end for you

The Hulk rescues the small town and captures the Leader - hope I didn't ruin the end for you

Hulk Activity Books (2008)

Hulk Activity Book

Hulk Activity Book

There are just a few activity books out there that you might have seen – I found each of these in a supermarket for just $1.00.  That’s right – all this Hulky fun came for a cheap price!  Each book is a little different – the top book is a smaller activity book – not the Jumbo Activity Book I posted sometime earlier.  There really isn’t much to say anything else about these other than… I like Pancakes!  But only with syrup… banana pancakes to be precise.

Hulk Activity Book - with Tattoos!

Hulk Activity Book - with Tattoos!

One book comes with stickers and a growth chart – the other… TATTOOS!  I was never allowed, as a child, to wear fake tattoos.  Maybe that’s why I have been so resistant to getting a real tattoo as an adult.  I’m not really sure I could narrow down a Hulk image that I would get tattooed on my body – because let’s be serious – of course I would get the Hulk.  What else would I get?  Also, if you’re interested, there is a poster book with snapshots and art from the movie.  10 posters that are 20 inches – which is apparently a big enough deal that they brag about it on the cover!

Hulk Poster Book

Hulk Poster Book

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David – Volume 6 (2009)

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David - Volume 6

Hulk Visionaries: Peter David - Volume 6

We are getting to the real meat of Peter David’s early run.  When the Grey and Green Hulk merge with Banner into a new  Hulk persona.  One that has the brains of Bruce – the snarky attitude of the Grey Hulk – and the strength of the Green Hulk.  I wish Loeb would’ve taken a cue from David – he knew how to build up an event – while at the same time telling self contained stories in each issue that both added to the overall story and entertained as well.  This trade contains #373 – #382 – 9 issues of Hulk greatness with only one small problem… it’s $29.99!  What the hell!?!  Every TPB before this was a great price of $19.99 – this one is $10 MORE!  What the double heck!  That’s not right!  Hopefully this isn’t a starting trend of trade prices.  But this trade is so worth it – this run is where Keown really starts to shine – but we also have some great fill in issues like Jaaska’s hilarious #378 vs. Rhino!  And lastly, this is also the beginning of the Hulk leading the Pantheon.  It was a storyline that definitely ran its course with me – ended just in time – but I always liked the way it started.

Incredible Hulk: Heart of the Atom HC (2008)

Hulk: Heart of the Atom Hard Cover

Hulk: Heart of the Atom Hard Cover

I bought this so long ago – but instead of posting it I was reading it.  I have a quick side note here: I paid $29.99 for this HC beauty – to me it’s totally worth it – and today I finally found Hulk Visionaries: Peter David, Volume 6 and I paid… $29.99!  If it was full price I would have been really pissed!  Every Visionaries has been $19.99 – a perfect price for what you are getting – and now they’ve jumped to $30!  That’s a little much!  Oh, Marvel… you are going to price your long time fans out of this little hobby…

Anyways, I really have no complaints about this collection.  If you were to read straight through the Hulk’s library the story of Jarella, you would find, is sprinkled sporadically throughout the series.  The first appearance of the Hulk’s green lady is #140 (The issue preceding the first appearance of Doc Samson) and then we didn’t hear from that character again for 8 issues – from there it was another 8 issues till we had to wait almost 50 issues to see the jade beauty!  It was so interesting reading through this storyline – mainly because the first story was plotted out and drawn by a different creative team then the second half of this story.  The first few stories were drawn by Herb Trimpe while the second half was drawn by Sal Buscema. 

Without giving too much away – because this is one that you should pick up for yourselves – it collects 12 issues from #140 – #248 and What If…? #23.  We join the Hulk as a classic Hulk villain, Psyklops, is using a ray to shrink the Hulk – to smaller than an atom – onto a world where he battles strange creatures and is welcomed by a race of green people and their leader – Queen Jarella – who immediately takes the Hulk as the King of their land.  But things don’t stay peaches and cream for long – Visis, Jarella’s Brother, wants the throne for himself.  By the way, magicians have not only cast a spell so that Hulk can understand and speak their language but also have the mind of Bruce Banner.  It’s one of the most interesting points of the series.  The different dynamic of seeing Jarella deal with the Hulk’s different incarnations – Hulk with Banner’s brain, Bruce Banner, Hulk with Hulk’s brain, in a rage/happy.  It was such a treat to read this whole run – although it did remind me of Planet Hulk… a lot.

There were a lot of similarities to the PH storyline, such as: Hulk has to fight on a strange land, Hulk is made King, Hulk has a love – but all in all there are enough differences that both stories stand on their own amazingly.  There were a few different times that Hulk was shrunk – once by a very jealous and enraged Glen Talbot, who blamed the Hulk for his making his marriage to Betty dissolve.  But, as most Hulk fans know, Jarella dies.  Very tragically and very heroically.  The Hulk goes back to K’ai (Jarella’s home world) once more – in one of the best stories of the whole book – to bury Jarella’s body.  He fights one of the coolest villains with the stupidest names – The Gardener.  I told you the name was stupid – but he can control the plants, water, and animals. 

The biggest treat of this collection is that  they added the What If…? #23 where the Watcher asks “What if Jarella never died?”  We get a great story – but also discover the mysterious villain who had sent Crypto Man from issue #205.  I can’t recommend getting this trade enough – in fact log onto and find a copy for yourself right away!  The only thing missing is the issues that Peter David wrote where the Grey Hulk travelled to K’ai – but I have those issues already reprinted in Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Volume 3.

The Incredible Hulk Pop-Up Book (2008)


Hulk Pop-Up Book

Hulk Pop-Up Book

This was a last minute Christmas release!  I remember last year seeing the Spiderman and X-Men pop-up books and scoured the rack for a Hulk one.  Nothing.  But a great Hulk-brother of mine, 5150, posted this up on Hulk Space a week or so ago and I ran to Borders right away.  Funny enough, no Hulk pop-up book.  I had to special order this – and it came in last Friday. 

Not even a book can contain the Hulk!

Not even a book can contain the Hulk!

A nice little Hulk refrence this has a quick Hulk history bringing people up to speed on not only the Hulk but also the supporting characters like Rick Jones, Betty, the Abomination (there’s a great page with him on it), there are little tabs on almost each page that gives you some great backround info.  Careful now, just because it’s a pop-up book and the kids will love it – it’s still very delicate!  Don’t let the toddlers alone with it!

My Favorite Page...

My Favorite Page...

Hulk Book #2 (1979)

Incredible Hulk Book 2

Incredible Hulk Book 2

I found this book on ebay for mere pennies.  I think these were a great idea for anyone who didn’t want to carry around a bunch of comics – these were perfect to fit right into your pocket – although not as easy to read as a comic.  The pictures had to be condensed and smaller – thus the words smaller and harder to read.  But that’s alright, it’s still a pretty great little book.  Even better is the fact that they are in color – a notch in their column that the Essential Hulk series does not.  I like the Essential Hulk volumes but it’s lack of color does sometimes hinder the storytelling.

The 3 Books I Have Found So Far...

The 3 Books I Have Found So Far...