Hulk Fidget Spinner (2018)

mike hulk 037 (2)

Yes, this fad is pretty much dead and gone – and it went real fast!  Maybe it’s because these things were never really meant to be play toys or collectibles? They were truly meant as tools to help children with ADHD.  I wasn’t against the fad nor did I buy into it – but I did grab a couple Hulk fidget spinners.  This one is another piece from my good friend Mike – I’m not really sure where he got it but it is pretty heavy, a solid and heavy piece of metal.  The fancy metal container it comes in all seems like it’s overkill but hey, for some people having a secure container might’ve been really important!


Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian BAF (2018)

hulkyhulk 012 (2)

The second series of Marvel Legends from the Avengers: Infinity War showed us some impressive figures, silly figures and yes, even some unexpected characters.  The two biggest surprises and welcomed figures were Thor – missing an eye – and the Black Knight figure.  I liked the blonde Black Widow figure but I didn’t need another one so I was going to pass.  I didn’t want the Malekith figure and the Wasp looked good – but I wasn’t a fan of that character.  Let’s be honest – that Ant-Man figure was way too goofy!  I love Paul Rudd and think he’s pretty great as Scott Lang but I can’t take the goofy look on the figure’s face.

hulkyhulk 013 (2)

This is where having a network of collecting friends comes in handy.  Wheeling and dealing and getting the other pieces I needed to complete this figure wasn’t as much of a pain as getting the Lizard was – but it wasn’t all that easy either.  I don’t think anyone bought the Paul Rudd Ant-Man figure!  I finally finished the BAF and I have to tell you I am not all that impressed with it.  The size and weight of this figure is pretty great – but the paint apps really make it less impressive.

hulkyhulk 014 (2)

The muddled green and brown paints make it look sloppy and harder to see the different features.  The face especially looks muddled to the point where it’s hard to make out the mouth from the rest of the face.  The oddly splotchy chest doesn’t look right either as most of the rest of the body is a solid dark brown.  The flat grey paints they used for the hammer and limited clothing makes it look cheap and plastic.  Overall, this impressively sized figure is sort of ruined by the paint apps.  This reminds me of the Man-Thing figure released with the Netflix series.

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Immortal Hulk #1: Best Defense – The Variants

CCI11272018_0001 (2)

This past week the Hulk’s portion of the new Defenders story was released. If you haven’t read it you totally should!  The story is amazing!  Anyways, there were 5 variants released including a brilliant Jack Kirby 1:200 cover.  See below:

003 (2)

As you can see in addition to the regular cover we were also given an obligatory Skottie Young cover!  The list below is as follows:

  • Regular Cover by Ron Garney
  • Skottie Young Cover
  • 1:25 Cover by  Joe Bennet
  • 1:50 Cover by Adi Granov
  • 1:200 Cover by Jack Kirby

If you have yet to read this issue then take a moment right now to crack open this book!  It’s just awesome!   They use snippets from past stories and it was seriously flat out exceptional!

CCI12072018 (2)

CCI12072018_0001 (2)

CCI12072018_0002 (2)

Don’t forget to pick up Namor: Best Defense to continue the story

CCI12072018_0002 (3)

Hulk Vs Doom…


Even after the Hulk beats him it seems that Doom still looks upon his foe admirably…


Hulk Hero Launcher (2017)

mike hulk 026 (2)

If I were the Hulk I wouldn’t really trust the Avengers when it comes to rockets.  One of the founding members straight up decided to shoot the Hulk into space and try and get rid of him!  I’m still in shock that Stark and the rest of the illuminati (other than Namor who did not cast a yes vote) really didn’t pay for ultimately kidnapping someone and putting their life in danger by sending them to a foreign planet!  Either way, this little stomping play toy is totally cool.  You really can’t go wrong with anything Hulk and air power!  Just shoot the rocket in the air and see if you can stay out of the way enough not to get nailed by the thing on the way down!

mike hulk 027 (2)

Chewy Center: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 50

eating 1

The feeding frenzy that began with the Hulk biting off Silver Surfer’s head… literally.

Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light (2018)

mike hulk 024 (2)

I have too much stuff in boxes.  Ultimately when I expand my Hulk room I will be able to get everything I want displayed properly – but for now it’s sort of like storage city in the Hulk room.  Maybe I should throw up some pictures on here to show what I mean – but hey… there are some items that you should still acquire even if there is no room to put them out!  This Hulk fist was gifted to me by my friend Mike and I know it comes with a matching piece of the Hulk’s face.  That I will have to get in the future.  For now I will wait for the day when I bust this out of the box – with the included crack sticker.  It doesn’t specify exactly – but I think it refers to a sticker that makes it look like damage  has been done to your wall and not the super popular 80’s drug.

mike hulk 025 (2)