Friday Review: Immortal Hulk #21 (2019)

CCI07192019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Ryan Bodenheim
Artist: Ink Ryan Bodenheim
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.50 – $110.00

Variants: 3
  • Inhyuk Lee Green Hulk Cover
  • Inhyuk Lee Red Hulk Cover
  • Cosbaby Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI07192019_0001 (2)

If you’ve ever wondered what made General Fortean such an incredible pain in the ass and a psychotic Hulk hunter well this is the issue you’ve been waiting for!  The issue runs through the whole history beginning with his family life to his first interaction with the Hulk.

We also follow Fortean through his rescue mission to get the new Abomination husk back.  What I appreciated the most in this issue is the constant call backs and reminders that Al Ewing, not only knows his Hulk continuity, but he respects it.  Having Ross remind the readers of the moment when Doc Green stole the gamma powers from him, returning him back to the angry blow hard he always was.

CCI07192019_0002 (2)

Fortean doesn’t even try to argue with Alpha Flight to get the carcass back he just gets beamed into their HQ and immediately takes out Creel and Titania.  He moves to jacking up Samson and Langkowski and then brings the hollow Abomination body back to Shadow Base.

You’d think that would be it – but no – Ewing ends this crazy trip with Fortean suiting up in the actual Abomination husk!

CCI07192019_0003 (2)


  • General Fortean
  • Shadow Base
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Hulk SFX!


I mean, can you imagine hanging out in the Marvel Bullpen back in the day trying to cook up what it would sound like when the Hulk did something new?


“How do you think it would sound when the Hulk hit this?”

“Ummmm… how about SKRAKROW?”





Gotta love you some onomatopoeia!


I Hope Lee Whittlesey had Both Hands on his Comic!


I miss the letters column more than I can even express!

Avengers: Endgame Hulk Funko Pop #451 (2019)

hulk 2019 041 (2)

I would love to display this merchandise proudly – it’s too bad that the movie really did our Green Goliath an injustice and I’m truly not a fan of the “space suit” that he dons in this movie.  Overall though, it is the Hulk and I did get this guy to add to the collection.

hulk 2019 040 (2)

Major Talbot: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 28

This year we will be delving deep into Hulk history to re-discover all the first appearances that the Hulk issues have given us over the years!  With 1st appearances being such a hot trend these days it only makes sense to highlight some of the best Hulk issues to invest in this year!  This week: The Constrictor!

Tales to Astonish #61 (1977)





I Case You Missed It #21

CCI07052019_0005 (2)

Keep an eye out for last week’s Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #5 where the Clown Hulk from Avengers #1 makes an appearance!

CCI07052019_0006 (2)

Also, a couple of weeks ago Marvel released Marvel Tales featuring Spider-Man, a collection of choice Spidey books:

CCI06132019 (2)

Inside was a reprint of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man:

CCI06132019_0001 (2)

Which contains this panel featuring our favorite Jade Jaws!

CCI06132019_0002 (2)

Another Great Article Praising the Immortal Hulk – Click the Link!


CCI05292019 (2)

Take a quick look at he comments below the article as well – you hear from the colorist on the book!

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