Marvel Mini-Mates Hulkbuster / Corvus Glaive (2018)

nonhulk 018 (2)

Infinity War stuff is still pouring out onto the shelves including a brand new Hulkbuster figure!  I have every mini-mate Hulkbuster and as cool as this one is nothing has come close to the original figure.  You can lift the helmet and see the little Iron Man helmet inside.  While they usually give us an extra head now, one that we replace the helmeted head with the regular one.

nonhulk 020 (2)

This offering we don’t even get that – one that I would have loved to see as it was Bruce Banner inside the armor.  So while all of the Hulkbuster Mini-Mates are really cool this one doesn’t really live up to its predecessors.

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Clean your Plate: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 42

eating 6

I showed earlier the food that Rocket showered upon the Hulk when they first met – but EVERY SINGLE PANEL has the Hulk mowing down on every last morsel of food!  He truly doesn’t stop – check it out for yourself!

eating 7

I mean, Rocket is dropping all sorts of knowledge but the Hulk is more interested in making sure his gullet is full of tasty goodness!

eating 8

Walgreen’s Exclusive Marvel Legends Thing (2018)

nonhulk 010 (2)

I know this isn’t the Hulk – I also know that this is Friday when I usually show off a piece of the Hulk collection but hear me out: This is the Thing!  One of the greatest Frenemies the Hulk has ever had!  From all the way back in FF #5 the Thing was being taunted by the Hulk’s presence!


But honestly, we’ve been given some Thing figures in the past – some were good, others were… not so good – but all in all I didnt think we were going to get a Thing figure I was compelled to buy.  Then Walgreen’s came into the picture.  No lie, when I heard Walgreen’s was getting an exclusive contract with Marvel I didn’t think much would come of it.  Boy, was I wrong!  We’ve been given some of the coolest ML, Pop and even Dorbz figures from the retail shop!  This figure is easily the best Thing figure we’ve ever recieved!  It comes with a swap out head and extra hands and is massive and crazy heavy!  If you haven’t gotten this figure yet you should definitely seek it out!

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Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)

IMG_1391 (2)

I had been thinking about getting this figure for a long while.  Buying these very large and fantastic figures is never an easy purchase due to the price tag that accompanied them.  Most of these 12-14″ figures are $50-$75.  I loved the Hulk that was released – even with the slightly too large head – and I kept on trying to figure out if I should pick up Thor.  It really is fantastic – especially when you consider the fact that it has the switch out head to make a bearded (or movie) or clean shaven (classic comic) Thor.  Even if that doesn’t sway you, the fact that it comes with a regular and mystical Mjolnir might push you over the edge into buying this great figure.

IMG_1390 (2)

This is Both Hilarious and Sad…


Click on the image for the article that shows off toys being switched and returned to stores.  Take notice of the Marvel Legends Face-Off Leader replacing Lex Luthor in the first bungled package.

UPDATE: I had to unlink the site due to a warning from google not to visit it.  Instead it links you to The Fwoosh thread that shows the unscrupulous practices of some collectors. Sorry guys.

Christmas Hulk Pop! (2018)

hulk new stuff 001 (2)

I swear that 2018 may go down in Hulk history as the year that Funko finally went Hulk crazy!  Including this guy we are getting a transforming Banner, a gold Hulk, a Spider-Hulk, a Hulk vs Loki Pop set and this little bad ass Pop right here!  Yes, there are three different Christmas Pops you can choose from including Spidey in a Christmas sweater, a baby Groot feeling festive and this Hulk obviously disappointed by his loot!

hulk new stuff 004 (2)

hulk new stuff 005 (2)

Santa seemed to be good to the jade giant but the look on his face says everything you need to know!  Maybe he asked for a Red Rider B.B. Gun and he can tell that square box doesn’t contain the rifle he so desperately wanted!

hulk new stuff 006 (2)

hulk new stuff 007 (2)

I was able to snag this guy at a random Gamestop I was at on my travels around my beautiful state.  I was in luck that morning as the guy behind the counter said he just got them in and had just put them out.  I did decide to pick up two of them because, let’s be honest here, how can you not use one of them as a decoration?

hulk new stuff 003 (2)

Caffeine Withdrawal: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony – Week 41

eating 1

I never thought of Hulk as a coffee drinker.  He never seemed like he needed a pick-me-up.  You don’t see the Hulk usually dragging, jones-ing for a Dunkin’ run.

eating 2

Yet, here he is again downing another cup o’ joe.  You’d think that with that pesky healing factor that his body would just absorb the caffeine and not effect him at all.  Why else drink the liquid?  It’s pretty vile tasting…

eating 3