Light Up Hulk Picture (2018)

IMG_1295 (2)

As much of a bummer as Toys R Us closing is it was also quite interesting to see all the “augmented” items were brought into the stores.  A lot of Hulk framed pictures including this one that highlights the Hulk’s face and actually lights up!  The light up feature could go very badly wrong but in this case it really brings out the best in this “illustrated” Hulk face!  I feel like it would a perfect companion to the light up Hulk fist that Target sold a while back.

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In Case You Missed It – Round 11

CCI07152018_0001 (2)

Multiple Man #1, which graced the new release rack a few weeks ago, has a great appearance of a Hulk – technically not our Hulk, but a Hulk-ish version of Multiple Man.  If you didn’t pick it up or haven’t picked it up or don’t plan on picking it up but still want to see exactly what I’m talking about – well, you’re in luck that I’m feeling so generous because, here you go:

CCI07152018_0002 (2)

CCI07152018_0003 (2)


Meal in a Can: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 29

hulk eats 2

Here the Hulk is once again threatening to eat another human.  I know the Hulk isn’t one for social cues but this takes it to a whole different level! Keep your mouth to yourself, man!

Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster Pop! (2018)

IMG_1300 (2)

There are so many different emotions when you think about the latest Avengers movie.  While it was an amazing translation from comic to screen it was also a low point in the Hulk’s silver screen life.  Bruce Banner does sport the Hulkbuster in this movie so his inclusion in the Hulk room is totally justified beyond a simple rival.

IMG_1298 (2)

This Pop figure is a better representation than the original Pop that was offered in the very first Marvel Collector’s Corp.  This more stylistic version of the figure reminds me of the amazing art of Chris Uminga.  Look for his work – if you’re not familiar you won’t be disappointed!  This Hulkbuster doesn’t really follow the large head, tiny body format that the Pops are so known for.  What would have been amazing would be an opening helmet feature with a tiny Bruce Banner inside – much like the Gamestop exclusive Hulk bursting out of the armor released a few months ago.

IMG_1301 (2)

Hot Wheels Rocket Raccoon (2018)

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I was able to get the Rocket Raccoon Hot Wheels. The tiny auto has a hairy look to it and oversized wheels with a similar color scheme to our favorite space rodent.  With very little Hulk merchandise from the Avengers: Infinity War movie the focus was aimed elsewhere.  It turned out to be Rocket’s luck that his offerings end up in my collection!

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My Thoughts Exactly…


Even though this was from last year it’s still a great article that expressing just what I have been saying for way too long.  Stop buying the number in the corner!  Buy a story – a character you love!  The numbers are pretty arbitrary at this point and it’s so sad.  Sad that #1’s still top the charts when they are released.  Click the image for the article!

New Hulk Diving Stick (2018)

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There are times when we all see unique Hulk-themed pieces that you just HAVE to pick up.  This Hulk diving stick is one of those items.  Back in 2014 I posted about a different diving stick I found – one with a better pose – so you can imagine my surprise when I saw another underwater Hulk toy!

IMG_1286 (2)

The first one is far superior but this one seems to have a similar appearance to the Schleich Hulk released a while back.  Of course, this figure sports the Avengers: Age of Ultron pants which, at this point, seems dated.

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