Gorgeous Brazil Hulk!

brazil hulk

This humongous and amazing Hulk is from Brazil.  Thanks tot he generous friends on Facebook I did have an opportunity to grab one – unfortunately is was a little more than I wanted to spend – but that doesn’t change the fact that this Hulk is one of the best figures I have ever seen in my life!

While it’s not part of my collection it’s still one that I think Hulk collectors should seek out if they have the means!

The Revelation!


The moment that the Hulk realized he isn’t just the Hulk!

Avengers: Endgame MiniMates Hulk and War Machine (2019)

hulk time! 020 (2)

Walgreens released a couple of sets for the Endgame movie.  Even though I am not a huge fan of the way the Hulk was used in the movie I have every MiniMates Hulk release to date so there was no way I was going skip this one!  Hulk is paired with War Machine (Don Cheadle rules!) with this set.  The Hulk is wearing his quantum jammies – even with all of that I still think real dedicated Hulk fans will of course pick this up!

hulk time! 021 (2)

Trauma: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 45

This character is part of an alien royal family whose hatred of the Hulk cost them… well, everything.  See the Troyjan War to see what I’m talking about.  The design always reminded me of Beta Ray Bill – who is easily one of the coolest Marvel alien beings – but, sadly, not used in the MU as much as they should have.

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #394





Lou Ferigno Forever!


If nothing else he made his mark on this world!  He was bad ass as the Hulk and even better as the security guard in The Incredible Hulk!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Ferigno!

Dollar Bin Finds VII

CCI10062019_0008 (2)

Here’s another comic I am shocked I had no idea was out there!  Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way #2 has a quick and wordless Hulk story that’s worth checking out!

CCI10062019_0009 (2)

CCI10062019_0010 (2)

Throat Punch!


Of course, no simple throat punch is taking the Jade Giant out!  Even is it’s from his Defenders teammate!