Cat’s in the Cradle – A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 39

We’re still chugging along with this freight train – is it possible to finish out the year?  Only I know the answer to that!  But this week we’re discussing the most shocking death of the Hulk mythos:


Since we’ve known about Brian Banner he has been an evil bastard that tortured Bruce throughout his entire life.  In the -1 issue Peter David served up a fitting and deserving end to the brilliant but abusive prick.  Bruce and Brian final encounter happened in the cemetery where Bruce’s mother was buried.

CCI08262016_0003 - Copy

With emotions high the two scuffle and it ends with a nasty blow to the head that Banner Sr. doesn’t get up from.  Bruce was always a sympathetic figure but this time his past uncovered a disturbing secret that Bruce wanted to forget.



Hot Toys Cosbaby Hulk (2016)


A while ago there was a Hot Toys release – Artist Mix Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk – which was a stylized version of the Hulk that, while really fun and unique, was slightly ruined with the inclusion of the bobble head that all Marvel solid figures are required to have.  We’ve gone over this before but for anyone who isn’t aware Mighty Muggs made it impossible for any other company to produce a figure like this.  Every subsequent figure – including all the Funko mystery figures and the Pop figures – have had a bobblehead feature.  I wish that stipulation didn’t exist because some of these figures would be perfect without the bobbing head.


This figure is an interesting one and a bit different – it has a “baby” look to it – or more to the point, and what I think is more appropriate, an anime feel.  Mostly due to the absence of a nose and the oversized eyes.  The cartoony and gigantic hands are contrasted wonderfully with the short stubby legs and gives the figure a Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) look.



The bobblehead feature on this figure is so subtle that you can’t really even notice it.  I think this figure is a step above the Artist Mix piece – but mainly because I love the figures that stand out in a huge collection.  Both are certainly worth it – but if you’re going to buy just one I would go for this one.


That’s Going to Leave a Mark – A Year Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 38

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


In the Hulk’s second bout with the awesome villain Speed Freak, the Hulk suffered a cut to the gut so bad that he was bleeding out.  Holding his open stomach shut with his own fist he was able to control the bleeding.  Of course his healing factor kicked in the close the gaping wound… right around his fist!


She-Force Savage She Hulk (1997)


I found this figure at Zapp Comics in Wayne NJ.  That store, I swear, is filled with so many treasures from yesteryear that being able to visit everyday would easily put me into the poor house.  It might almost be worth it though.  The Marvel Hall of Fame line was decent – famous for re-using body parts (more than other lines) – but the She Hulk was one of my favorites.  Not only was she a Hulk family figure but look at that hair!

One of the best things about the Marvel Hall of Fame line was the “real hair”, the accessories and the rare figures they offered – if you ever see Carnage, unmasked Deadpool or even unmasked Venom for a good price pick them up!  This figure sports a vinyl dress and a humongous gun.  I miss the days when Marvel offered some sort of card, comic or even a background set with their figures.

Grey Hulk Tsum Tsum (2016)


It’s almost impossible to talk about these things without sounding like a little girl so I’m not going to even try to make them sound manly.  In the craze of little, useless, plastic figures to collect, ie: Shopkins and Uggly Dogs, Disney has thrown their hat in the ring with their Tsum Tsums.  What started with plush figures that ranged from cute and tiny to large and ridiculous they have now premiered these oblong pill figures that are hard and plastic and come in three sizes.  They are labelled as “Common”, “Lucky” and just to get the blood really boiling, the exciting “Super Lucky”.


They have only released the Grey Hulk even though the package features the Green Hulk but it’s the medium sized Grey Hulk that is the “chase” figure.  The tiny and large sizes are pretty easy to find even though the large is considered “lucky”.  To tell the truth, these are darn cute – and my daughter loves them.  There are blind bags of them but we all know how much I hate those pesky blind bags!


The Guest List – A Year Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 37

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


Who in their right mind would actually invite some of the most vile and dastardly villains in the Marvel Universe to the most important day in their life?  Apparently Rick Jones would.  Why?  Who knows, but the Hulk was ready to throw down to keep the Jones’ wedding incident free – but the violence was not necessary as Crusher Creel, Mr Hyde, the Wizard and the Living Laser all produced wedding invitations.  Even more amazing?  They allowed the ceremony to continue without any occurrence of villainous villainy… well, at least from them.

Dollar General Hulk (2016)


Alright, I posted this monstrosity on this blog’s Facebook page earlier today after finding it at the Dollar General.  If you haven’t liked the page, feel free to (right here).  Don’t let the name of the store fool you – this horrendous, deformed version of the Hulk cost a whopping $7.  I couldn’t help but pick this up but I felt ripped off even as I pulled the currency out of my wallet.



Why would I buy such an expensive figure if I was totally unimpressed?  Well, that’s easy.  It’s the Hulk.  In fact, that reason pretty much rules all of my purchasing decisions.  This figure does have sort of a cool face – ruined by the googly eye.  The very skinny body looks even more out of place when combined with the too short arm stubs that adorn this figure.  The very cheap paint job combined with the pretty much non-existent articulation means this figure is really not worth the hunt – unless you are sick in the head like me and feel a unexplained urge to buy everything Hulk!