Eat Like a Champ!


With tomorrow being Thanksgiving I want everyone out there to remember what fun it can be spending time with family and friends!  Keep in mind that it’s a time to enjoy – not a countdown to artificial sales and stores forcing employees to work on holiday that’s all about being thankful for all that we have!


Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk (2017)

IMG_0801 (2)

I have to say, I was expecting a bit more diversity in facial expressions in all the Planet Hulk figures we’ve gotten from the new Thor movie.  This is more comic accurate though – not movie accurate at all. You know why?  The freakin’ OBEIDIENCE DISC!  How hard would it be to… no, nope.  I will not get into this again.  I will just focus on the fact that we have a great representation of the Planet Hulk storyline!  The Marvel Legends is still a fun and great figure but horrendously inaccurate.  The brown pants, the exclusion of the obedience disc, the missing sandals – it just wasn’t a perfect representation of the Hulk from the last classic Hulk story in the past decade.

IMG_0802 (2)

Like I mentioned, I would of liked to se amore rage filled face, a snarky scowl or something – but we get another Hulk with a slightly annoyed face.  He looks more like he has to watch his little sister’s dance recital than he’s being forced to fight for his life in an arena against alien beings.  I don’t have an open one yet so I can’t speak of it’s poseability, articulation or even a complete paint app because the shield covers his armored arm but from what I can see it looks pretty darn impressive!

Anyone out there buy this and open it?  What do you think?

Foe Unknown: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Confusion – Week 46

rock men confused

The Hulk’s name was attributed to him because it was the first thing that popped into a soldiers mind when he saw him: “It’s some sort of… Hulk!”.  Well, it turns out the Hulk has the same affliction when naming his enemies.  Whatever he sees is what he names them!

rock men confused 2

New York Comic-Con Exclusive Gladiator Hulk Pop (2017)

IMG_0821 (2)

This acquisition did not prove to be as difficult to pick up as I thought it would.  Turns out, thanks to Amazon, you didn’t have to take a trip to NY or even reduce yourself to eBay.  Not that Amazon is much better – but for some reason it is.  I don’t make the rules you guys!  Anyways, I received this guy quite a while ago – if your on my Facebook page then you know just when it arrived because I posted it right then.  In fact, you should totally like my FB page because it gets updated more frequently with my Hulk findings then my blog does!  Sad but true.  It’s only because it’s easier to post on there than here.  I will never abandon this page though.  I think we’re tethered till I’m dead.

IMG_0823 (2)

As I’ve already made my thoughts known about Thor: Ragnarok, I do have to say, this is a great Pop figure!  I mean, look at this!  Hulk!  In gladiator lounge wear!  It all works too!  The pooka shells – or Sakaar pottery, whichever works, necklaces, the loin cloth, everything!  I actually may like this better than the Gladiator Hulk himself!  I’m not sure – it’s pretty close.


Wood Warriors Hulk Figure (2017)

IMG_0798 (2)

Seeing new Hulk merchandise in the stores is always a thrill – but sometimes the thrill of a new Hulk acquisition overpowers common sense or even good taste.  This may not be the perfect example of what I’m talking about but when I brought this guy home and began to examine just what I brought into the Hulk room.  While it isn’t the worst figure in the world, really we’re just left with painted wood connected by string – and let’s be real here – the back of the package boasts WAY more fun with this figure than I think anyone who will ever buy it can have.  If you see it and decide to purchase be ready to plunk down 2 bills.  NO! Not $200 – just $20.  so the two bills I assume you’re going to use are $10.

IMG_0799 (2)

Stating the Obvious: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Confusion – Week 45

CCI10302017_0002 (2)

It’s never a good idea to tell people that you have no idea why you’re fighting.  That, of course, never stops the Hulk from doing just that…

CCI10302017_0002 (3)

Marvel Toy Box Hulk Figure (2017)

IMG_0840 (2)

It seems the wave of the future may just be seeing exclusives everywhere.  Figures and toys that are only available to purchase through a single retailer or company.  This is noting new, of course, but we’re certainly seeing more and more of website and retailer exclusives.  Some are real hits (pretty much anything Hulk gladiator)  and others you question why (While I liked the TRU Bruce Banner Pop figure I’ve heard many more people complain).  Well Disney has thrown their hat into the ring with their very own line of stylized Marvel, Disney and Star Wars figures!

IMG_0839 (2)

I was excited to see this line – it reminded me of this never released animated Hulk figure from the Fantastic Four line:

never hulk

So imagine my surprise and delight to have this Hulk figure show up!  It seems to be more in the vein of the Infinity figures released for the games – but with actual articulation!  Then I looked at the back of the packaging and noticed this:

CCI11102017 (2)

This is one of those times they should never have shown us what we could’ve had.  The prototype figure looks so much cooler with his teeth baring scowl!  I mean, the Hulk delivered is still very cool – but compared to what was it’s certainly a step down!

IMG_0835 (2)

I am happy with the Hulk but also disappointed for a few reasons.  Let’s go over the good stuff.  First, he is, as he should be, huge!  Not huge like 12″ or something,  just huge compared to the rest of the figures in this line.  He has some mass for sure but he’s pretty light.  I’m not counting his weight as a negative – just an observation.  There is plenty of articulation on this figure so his pose ability is pretty high.

IMG_0837 (2)

I even like the accessory – his little crushed pipe – that he sports!  It’s no bent bar/boulder a la 80’s Toy Biz Hulk but it’s something new I have yet to see included with a Hulk figure.  Most of the Hulk figures released now come sans any accessories at all, in fact.  So getting one was a nice surprise!

IMG_0838 (2)

The problems with the figure begin with the little pipe not fitting into his gripped fist!  The pipe could only fit into one hand as the other is completely closed but the one that is slightly open is too narrow to fit even the skinniest part of the pipe inside!  The other issue is the hardly sculpted face the Hulk sports.  It’s hard to even get a decent pic because of the shallowness of his lip fold.

IMG_0841 (2)

Overall, I still like the Hulk that was released but I sort of remain disappointed when I see the Hulk displayed on the back of the packaging.  We could of had a classic, purple pants, savage Hulk, bent and ready to attack!  While I give this figure a solid B- the prototype would have been an easy A.

IMG_0842 (2)