Hulk Boogie Board (2018)

IMG_1259 (2)

I had to look back to see the other Hulk boogie board I had found back in 1999.  While I know I still have it somewhere it’s sort of buried in the greatness of the Hulk room.  I love the original image but this one isn’t too bad either.  I know I am sort of a dinosaur but I get more excited when I see a classic image of the Hulk rather than the more present day Hulk that always seems to be shilling for the Avengers MCU.

IMG_1259 (3)

I really do love fun pieces like this when adding things to the Hulk collection.  With almost 20 years between the purchases of these boogie boards I would say if I see another I may have to just pass.  I love it but I’m pretty sure I don’t need three – let alone the two I have – boogie boards that I will never use!  I found this at TRU in Kingston – in one of it’s last days open.  I will truly miss that store.

IMG_1261 (2)


Thanos Soft (2018)

IMG_1250 (2)

Granted, I get Hulk plush figures because of the Hulk collection – but then I see another soft that doesn’t exactly fit into the theme but still have to pick it up because of how cool it is!  I love this little Thanos with his tiny Infinity Gauntlet!  If Thanos was real and looked this cute – who knows?  I may just let him destroy half the universe due to how cute he is!

IMG_1251 (2)

A One Minute Later!


Some of these “One Minute Later” series are really fun.  The fantastic idea to take a look at the dynamic action on the covers but what happens just one minute past the actual cover was nothing short of brilliant!  Not so sure I agree that Giant Man is going to man handle Surfer like that – but hey, it’s a great fantasy!

Kid Robot Hulk Soft (2017)

IMG_1198 (2)

Even trying to collect the many, many Hulk plushes would prove to be a real challenge.  I have pretty much given up on trying to get them all and have decided to just pick up the ones that I feel are unique or at least done well enough to have a place in the Hulk collection.  This Kid Robot Hulk stood out to me mainly due to the genuinely devilish look on his face.  It’s not an angry look and it’s certainly more sinister or sly like he’s trying to get away with something.

IMG_1199 (2)

The softs are definitely something to acquire if you’re truly into getting great Hulk pieces to display.  They present so well and they are hilariously fun!  I have to say, while I don’t think the Hulk usually has a malicious bone in his body this stuffed Hulk displays in a way that no other soft Hulk does.

IMG_1200 (2)

Balanced Diet Part 2: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 25


Remember – eating your fruits and veggies are important – especially for someone like the Hulk who eats way too many beans and Hostess Fruit Pies!  Notice the odd threat of cannibalism that Hulk tosses in there toward the brave men and women of the PD.  Something that will come up again and again in the Hulk’s sordid history.


Have a Hulky Father’s Day!

happy fathers day

Remember to spend some quality time with your little Hulkling today – thank him/her for making you a daddy!

Hot Wheels Avengers: Infinity War Hulk Car (2018)

IMG_1245 (2)

It’s shocking to see that things are still being released from Thor: Ragnarok let alone the new Avengers movie.  This Hot Wheels car was released with a whole bunch of other personalized superhero cars.  None of them actually carry the Avengers title – which makes me think Hot Wheels didn’t get the rights to it.  The characters are classic Avengers with some great artwork from over the years.

IMG_1247 (2)