Hulk Softs (2015)

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Quite a few stuffed Hulks came out this year.  Smaller, unique takes on the Hulk that can spread joy to the face of every little one out there!  I know that I showed off the Itty Bitty before – available at the Hallmark stores – that really doesn’t offer much as far as details – and it’s very small – and has a base of beans, easier to let it sit up.

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On the contrary, the Mopeez Hulk is not very much bigger than the Itty Bitty and offers some great details including the tiny pecs, abs and the AoU inspired pants.  The fuzzy hair and the large white eyes makes this little guy a great piece.  It’s not substantial in size but it is worth the pick up anyways.

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Fabrikations Hulk of course is the largest soft and it has the best quality to it.  Well, it should – seeing as it cost more than double but it does

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The box itself shows some of the artwork that reminds me Marvel’s version of Mike Kunkel – the artist from the amazing Hero Bear and the Kid.  If you’ve never tried that comic you should totally track some issues or trades today!  Totally worth it.  All in all, I have to say this year has been a great one for some new, unique Hulk items to add to any fans collection.

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I was able to snag a second Hulk at TRU for the clearance price of just $11 – rather than the pretty pricey $20 it normally runs.  I have to say, Funko has continuously amazes me with both the sheer amount of licenses and the amount of products they offer.  While they are known most for the Pop! figures these Fabrikations are totally fantastic!

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Hulkbuster/Raging Hulk Mini-Mates (2015)

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A whole bunch of new Mini-Mates have surfaced on the pegs.  This is easily the coolest of the new group.  Hulk is in full rage mode and ready to destroy – with the Scarlet Witch’s mind control in full effect!  You can tell because he has irritated stoner eyes.  I do like how they have the Hulk in the hue of grey to make this Hulk truly different.

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Although these are cool I hate to say, I feel as though these Mini-Mates are a step down from the earlier releases.  The Hulkbuster Iron Man from wave 7 (that came with the Gamma Hulk) was a better figure!  The helmet actually flips up to reveal the smaller Iron Man inside.  The older version is quite expensive now but I don’t see this one actually reaching those heights.  The helmet doesn’t move and the rest of the figure is rather clunky.

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The older version, with his big clunky head, actually looks more intimidating than the new model that has a small head and large bulky middle. I wouldeven go as far as to say that the older version represents the AoU Hulkbuster better than the recent release.  Like I mentioned – the Wave 7 Hulkbuster is pretty pricey – but honestly, it may be worth it if you want the better rendition.

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A Hulk to Make You Soil Yourself.


This is a new piece from Cinemaquette – a 1:3 piece that kicks complete ass!  If I had the space and had the money to drop I would snag this in a second!  I’m not always a big fan of (large or life sized) pieces – for example; the Oxmox Hulk inspired from the 2008 movie was not my cup of tea at all – and even though I’m a huge sucker for the classic rendition of the Hulk, this piece leaves me in awe!  Part of it has to be the “real” hair.  Most of the other statues boast sculpted hair and it never looks just right – but this has the wow factor to blow anyone casual or die hard fan completely away!

Click on the pic above to be brought to the site to order this monstrosity!


Hulk Gelatin Mold (2015)

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Does anyone out there really like Jell-O?  I can’t stand it… I mean they have to have fans – Jell-O has been around for so long – I know some people infuse it with alcohol to make it more an adult treat.  I truly can’t stand it!  It’s not so much the taste – although I don’t like fruit flavored candy – it’s more the texture of it in my mouth.  It’s just slippery and slimy and disgusting.  The good news is – I can now make this desert that I will never eat in the shape of an enraged Hulk!

I was originally thinking that I could maybe use this for a cake but of course… it’s rubber.  That will never work.  And of course, I would be covering the cake in frosting – the best part of the cake – so you wouldn’t see the bad ass rage face underneath.  Hey – stick with me here – I’m spit balling here.

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Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)

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I enjoy when Harbro releases these 3 packs.  The Agents of SHIELD one from TRU is pretty fun, even though I didn’t pick it up, I thought it still looked great!  It not really being Hulk related I decided against it.  I do have quite a few collectibles that are not Hulk… and even some non-Hulk related – but those are few and far between.  Target themselves seem to carry some of the more enjoyable 3-packs.  I remember the first one I saw was the Cap, Ms Marvel and Radioactive Man boxed set – and while I thought the figures were really very decent I didn’t have a desire to own it.  Radioactive Man was the real unique figure and since he was more of a Thor villain I didn’t see the need to buy one.

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This 3-pack is just hitting the shelves here on the East Coast and it boasts an Ulton, White Vision and a new Hulk.  Really, it’s just the head mold of the Hulk that’s new… that and maybe the hands (which don’t look all that great) but the body is obviously a re-use of the latest Marvel Legends Hulk.

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The head has a close shaved cut reminiscent of Waid’s Indestructible Hulk.  The better part of this figure is the re-paint showcasing the classic purple pants.  I never collected all of the pieces to create the BAF Ultron from the AoU Marvel Legends line but this figure is well done.  It does seem as though Ultron may have an odd acne problem with boils adorning his upper chest, thighs, shoulders and calves.  The Vision figure, I’m guessing, is supposed to be a phasing variant but it just looks white.

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Overall, the Hulk figure is really cool looking – and right now Target has this 3-pack discounted on their site for $30.  If you mention this at any Target they will honor the price and you will avoid the regular $50 price tag.  Happy Hunting friends!  Let me know what you guys think of this figure.

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The Biggest Reveal Never…


The entire 2008 Red Hulk series centered around trying to keep readers interested in finding out the identity of the new Hulk.  At first, with the teaser posters Marvel was releasing of the Totally Awesome Hulk, blacking out the Faux mo-hawked head and hand of the new Hulk, and later changing the silohetted noggin to a Thor and then Iron Fist looking head, it would seem that history was going to repeat itself.  Well, today Marvel put the theories to rest and let the entire world know what they already knew… That Amedeaus Cho will helm the jade mantle.

As much as I respect Pak and his career as a Hulk writer there are a few reasons I have chosen to not pick up the “totally awesome” new series.  I wonder how many of you are following suit?  Bear in mind that my reasons have nothing to do with the bigoted whining I see from fan boys on the message boards when they say Disney is making the MU more diverse and PC so they made Hulk Asian.  I don’t think this is a Disney directive at all – and I have no problem with anyone creating diverse characters in what we read month after month.  So, if those comments appear on my site, here is your fair warning that they will be deleted.

Here are my issues –  Hulk was an anomaly.  Plain and simple – Hulk was created from an unforeseen happenstance that could not seem to be replicated.  They said so over they early years of continuity – with countless enemies trying to create their own Hulks – and always failing.  Why?  Because how the Hulk came to be was never designed.  Not to mention, it was always stated that Gamma Radiation affects everyone differently. That’s why Betty sprouted wings while Sterns brain grew three sizes that day.

Sure, you can point out Jenn Walters, and really I have no good response – except that it didn’t change her exactly the same either.  Of course, her change came right from the blood stream of Banner – so there is that.

Even so, after Duggan spent the better part of a year cleaning the mess that Quesada and Loeb created of the  Hulk Universe, we’re now seeing the same stunt being repeated that began the problems in the first place.  We’re being thrown out of the fire and into the frying pan.  That’s why I for one will not be along for this ride. No matter how many times Pak will try to reassure readers how fun this new take will be I just can’t muster enough interest to devote my time to reading a series that is obviously meant to appeal to new readers and alienate the faithful.  Sorry to say, I am done.


Canvas Hulk Prints (2015)

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I came across a few Hulk prints that were printed on canvases.  The smallest (the cover to #102) was found at WalMart, given to me by a friend who actually shops at that horrible big box store.  It is quite small too – it’s about the size of the Catcher in the Rye paperback I was given in school to read.

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The next two were found at Hobby Lobby that were being clearanced out.  The original retail for the largest was $60 which I thought was way too much.  I just couldn’t see myself paying that much for a mass produced piece of art – but 70% off made the purchase a no brainer!

lex play 037

Also, the smaller was on clearance but I can’t remember the price.  It’s made to look scratched up – giving it a sort of antique look I’m guessing – but I’m not as much of a fan of the look on the art here.  Either way, when I am done remodeling the Hulk room these three pieces will make it on the wall.  Pics will follow!

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