This is going to be Epic!


With this art just released of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok I am getting more and more excited for the third installment of the Thor series!  I keep thinking about the Hulk merchandise we’re going to get!

Click on the image for the link!

Hulk Guest Appearances – Volume 12: Black Panther (Volume 2) #15


Hulk’s contribution in this issue is very brief – even though he appears on the cover.  The interaction between the Hulk and Black Panther is so brief – in fact the real hero stopping the Hulk is Queen Divine Justice by basically berating him.  Making the Hulk realize the real enemy isn’t who he thinks it is at all.  I guess manipulation could be a certain type of mind control but the Hulk just swaps personal property with government owned property.  All in all, good move.  Hulk’s gotten into enough trouble  he doesn’t need a trip to Judge Judy with a small claims suit to be on his plate.


Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes
Hero vs. Hero Yes
“Hulk Smash!” Yes

The most memorable part of the issue might be Hulk’s very Un-PC nickname for T’Challa:

Is that a Hammer in your Pocket?: A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments – Week 48


What the hell was Fear Itself all about?  I mean, I read it and I can’t tell you completely… I remember this event actually littering the comic shelves and not really moving.  Of all the events I think this one was the least well received – not to mention they gave the strongest being on Earth a hammer… a freaking hammer – what the heck does Hulk need a hammer for when he has his fists!

Of course, this did have positive effects – like the new Defenders run we got.  I loved it.  But the event itself?  Pretty cringe-worthy.

Celebrating Another Turkey Day!


Eat plenty and enjoy the day.  Enjoy friends or family or both – even if you’re alone take solace in the fact that you’re emulating what the Hulk has always wanted!  No matter the company you keep eat a whole lot!


Is that a Disguise?


I will admit I don’t remember everything about the Red Hulk series – but one of the most glaring things I do recall is that Thunderbolt’s mustache burns off when he transforms.  It’s one of the reasons his identity was able to be hidden for 2+ years.  The other glaring issue with the Red Hulk making a comeback in a new Avengers series is that… well, last we saw the Red Hulk he was “cured” by Doc Green.

Is this Marvel ignoring its own continuity again or do they explain this regain of powers somehow – and in doing so why he is able to keep that bangin’ porn ‘stache?

Either way, look for the US Avengers coming in 2017.

Check It Out… A New Hulk


I am still on the fence about checking this series out – but I am leaning more to reading it – She Hulk is, after all, the only one who SHOULD take this mantle.

New Lego Set! Red Hulk and Green Hulk!


Just saw this set announced for the 2017 season – it includes the Green and Red versions of the Hulk and She-Hulk!  The best part of the whole set is the figures – but the vehicles are pretty great too – look for it on the shelves of your local shop!