The Thing II: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Nick Names – Week 27

While we have already covered the Thing before it is worth mentioning that the Hulk has always been able to find a perfect nickname for his foes!  The Thing, in this instance, is just a “…stupid pile of rocks…”  I love it!

The Thing is: A Stupid Pile of Orange Rocks

hulk vs thing

Marvel Legends Leader (2020)

021 (2)

I always wonder why it takes so long for Hasbro to release classic villains like the Leader!  I know we have some amazing Leader sculpts with the Face-Off 2-packs but those were released in 2006 – an amazing 14 years ago!  New collectors haven’t seen a Leader figure in just under a decade and a half!

021 (3)

See the Face-Off Leader figures, as fantastic as they are, command about $20 loose.  If you want the whole set?  Be ready to cough up about $60!  Most people don’t care about the McFarlane inspired “bulbous head” version (affectionally nick-named “sac head”) so you can find that figure for an easy $15.

023 (2)

024 (2)

The only complaints we get about the 2006 classic Leader is the head is a little too cylindrical.  I think it represents the 60’s/70’s Leader to perfection but this new Marvel Legends Leader is just different enough to have space for BOTH in your collection!  This new Leader is very reminiscent of the animated series Leader with a light curve to the top of his head and a more comic accurate jumpsuit.  Especially with the bright orange and black against the yellow belt and… I don’t know, bra?  Is it a bro?  Man-ssier?  Either way it’s completely perfect.  The only disappointment comes with lack of accessories.  I really wish there was a remote, wrist blaster effects or head brace but that’s just nit-picking.  It’s a fantastic new figure to add into the collection!

025 (2)

Funko Gamerverse Hulk Pop! (2020)

010 (2)

A lot of Gamerverse merch is hitting the stores and while I really don’t like the look of about 98.623% of it I will say that they did this Hulk right!  With a new head and body sculpt (again!) we have a bad ass Hulk that reminds me a lot of the Hulk from the short-lived Indestructible Hulk series! Take a look:

ihulk (2)

015 (2)

017 (2)

The only real difference between the cover and the Pop are the shaggy hair and the wrist accessories – otherwise it’s a great rendition of the era of Hulk.  Even better would be if it came with Hulk’s little robotic sidekick.  But this is the Gamerverse version – one I’m not very familiar with – but it still looks just plain great!

013 (2)