Smashy St. Patrick’s Day!

happy st patricks day

Be careful or you could turn out like this jade monster in the morning!  take it easy on the green beer!


Avengers: Inifinty War Titan Heroes Hulk (2018)

IMG_1123 (2)

This is another action figure line that we know what to expect.  No real articulation and basic paint applications – but it’s the Hulk!  Hasbro has once again raised the price on the newer figures.  The Hulk was always a bit pricier – $12.99 vs the regular $9.99 – but now expect to pay $14.99 for a Hulk.  The joints are a bit of an improvement though – we now get a swivel joint that allows the arms to rotate rather than just go up and down.

IMG_1124 (2)

I do like the art on the box a lot better – I’m just hoping the Hulk has a bigger role than what we seem to be given in the trailers.  I would love to see another Hulk/Loki moment in the new movie.  With a movie chock full heroes and characters who all need screen time I’m not sure how exactly they will pace it out.  I have high hopes though!

IMG_1126 (2)


Marvel Legends Ghost Rider w/ Motorcycle (2018)

IMG_1094 (2)

IMG_1096 (2)

There are quite a few Ghost Rider figures – especially in the Marvel Legends line.  Each new release they seem to get better and better.  While I never picked up the early figures I took notice of how well Toy Biz and then Hasbro was doing with every subsequent release.  The fire aspect of the figure has especially improved leaps and bounds!  When they started using translucent plastic the figures became a thing of beauty!  I contemplated picking up the blue flame Ghost Rider from the Terrax series but never did.  They also did an orange version that looked pretty great but I still never pulled the trigger.  It wasn’t until the Rhino wave when I finally bought Ghost Rider.

IMG_1095 (2)

IMG_1100 (2)

That seemed to be somewhat serendipitous as it was this latest figure that they used to give us the best Ghost Rider figure to date.  Using both the translucent plastic for the flames and a brown wash that makes the skull look like real bone  this figure is hard to ignore!  Every Ghost Rider figure, by the way, should always come with a motorcycle.

IMG_1120 (2)

IMG_1119 (2)

The unfortunate part of the Rhino series figure is that it came with no real accessories to speak of.  This not only comes with the motorcycle which can be displayed with the large flames or none at all but it also comes with a flame laden chain that Ghost Rider can whip around.


The articulation is superb on this figure with the added bonus of the moveable jaw.  I am so happy they continued to offer that feature on the figure because it just makes it that much better!  I much prefer the new light blue paint on the leather outfit than what they offered in the past.

IMG_1097 (2)

IMG_1099 (2)

I think you should go out and get this figure – this could certainly replace all the other figures you have in your collection. I’m not even sure they improve this figure as this might be the best offering ever!

IMG_1103 (2)

IMG_1105 (2)

Catching Up With… 3.14.18


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack. What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

The Incredible Hulk – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Land
Current Issue – #713


Now the fake Hulk is heading back to Earth – but this time the monster inside of him finally was able to get control of the “wheel”.  Oh – did you think Pak would give up that weak analogy?  Oh no – We’re still going strong with that one.  We head into WWHulk II not even knowing what to expect since no one on Earth wronged the Hulk the way they did Banner.  Ugh – when will this nightmare be over?

So Far: D+

Venom – $3.99
W: Costa / A: Garron
Current Issue – #163


Poison X was decent enough.  I loved the fact that they brought the Poisons back because I think they are a fun addition to the Venom symbiote lore.  I wasn’t such a fan of having to collect X-Men issues as the storyline continued through both titles but overall, it was worth the ride!

So far: B

Weapon X – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Cinar
Current Issue – #14


The crew, fighting off a drugged up horde of super soldiers, has a new ally – the original Nuke. Most of the crew is against the psychotic member – and for good reason. Ultimately, the crew has to decide whether or not to fight a losing battle or dope up with a chance to fight their way out!

So far: B+

Thanos – $3.99
W: Cates / A: Shaw
Current Issue – #16

16 (2)

There is no other series on the rack that I enjoy more than this series – and it must be catchy because the issues keep going into 2nd and 3rd prints!  The future Thanos storyline is fantastic – even if this last issue focused on Punisher becoming Thanos right hand man – and I can’t wait to see what happens!

So far: A+

Batman: White Knight – $3.99
W: Murphy / A: Murphy
Current Issue – #6


Batman is still wanted and now part of the Bat-Family is deciding to take a part in bringing him down.  On the other side, Harley (the other one) is bringing the war to Gotham insisting to see the Joker.  As much as Napier thinks he has things under control the end of this riveting issue shows that he’s just been fooling himself.  Pick up this series while you still can!  Murphy is killing it!

So far: A+

She-Hulk – $3.99
W: Tamaki / A: Lindsay
Current Issue – #163

163 (2)

We’ve come to the seriously unfocused and unfortunate series.  Walters was grey for some… reason. She had demons to work through and she kind of did?  I guess?  Then she turned green again and all was right – even if they never addressed the fact that the Hulk is still dead and Walters never confronted his killer.  So sad… She Hulk has had some of the best series through the years… this one, let’s hope we forget about it soon!

Thge only good thing I can say is that it’s finally over!

Issue: D   Series: D

Marvel Two-in-One – $3.99
W: Zdarsky / A: Cheung
Current Issue – #3


The new Two in One series is off to a great start with Thing and Human Torch looking for the rest of the FF. Infamous Iron Man comes in to goad and prod Grimm and it’s classic and hilarious. With only 2 issues in I look forward to reading what comes next and seeing the classic Thing and Johnny Storm back again!

Issue: B+

Batman – $2.99
W:King / A: Janin
Current Issue – #42


Batman and Catwoman are taking on the world together… well, a world now controlled by Poison Ivy.  She has dug her roots deep in and she can speak through everyone and see everything.  Pretty daunting – excpet Bat and Cat are who they are and Bat always has a plan!  Even if that plans includes getting punched in the face by Superman as hard as he can.  Yes, that kills him… this series keeps getting better!

Issue: B+

Bane Conquest – $3.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #10 (of 12)
Bane keeps his enemies close and his other enemies even closer as he abducts babies and upsets Kobra – and underworld society that wants to bring Bane down. With only 2 issues left this series has been a thrill a minute. You don’t want Bane for an enemy, or a comrade, because you should always know – Bane is out to come out on top!

So Far: B

Papergirls – $2.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #20


The only Image title I read is also one of the best! At least in my opinion. Four girls trying to avoid people from the future as they time travel and meet their future selves. This series is so full of twists and gratifying, shock endings that reading this book is treat every month!

So Far: B

Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?

I’m Not Sure Which is Worse…

IMG_1051 (2)

So, I know I mentioned my addiction to buying the Mystery Mini Venoms – but it’s getting just as bad with the Thor: Ragnarok mystery mini Gladiator Hulks!  So far the count is 14 Venoms (with 2 other ones given away to friends) and 7 (3 not pictured) of the helmeted Gladiator Hulk (9 Hulks if you count the Hot Topic exclusive)

IMG_1050 (2)


Hulk Mighty Muggs (2018)

IMG_1042 (2)

If you told me that we would have a return of Mighty Muggs I would have called you a dirty liar!  Now, here we are and not only did Mighty Muggs return but they are actually improved and really cool!  So worth the money to add to your collection.  I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here though – let’s quickly roll through the tumultuous history of these oddly shaped heroes.  When Mighty Muggs first appeared in 2007 they were a huge hit with everyone collecting.  The vinyl big headed little guys were uniquely shaped and painted.  With wave 2 we were treated to a Hulk!  Easily customizable and really enjoyable the future was bright for these little guys!

IMG_1030 (2)

Somewhere along the line though, Hasbro decided these little guys just weren’t worth it.  The line was not selling as well or something but ultimately it was cancelled leaving a lot of cool possibilities on the table.  But fear not!  Mighty Muggs were announced to return – this time just a bit smaller!  This time called Mini Muggs these little guys lasted even less time than their Mighty counter-part!  They went even smaller yet again with the release of Micro Muggs – a huge mistake IMO – as they were tiny and not even fully sculpted as their backs looked unfinished.

IMG_1032 (2)

Now the triumphant return of these little guys feature different expressive heads!  You just push on the top of their little noggins and they can be angry, concerned or… well, I’d say happy but it looks more suspicious to me.  Either way, the Hulk has a range of emotions and it’s playability has added 10 fold with just that little feature!

IMG_1033 (2)

It is still smaller than the original Muggs we were given but bigger than the Minis and much bigger and better than the Micros.  The paint jobs on the new figures are a huge improvement and I look forward to seeing what this new line will offer!  Anyone who loves Pops (and there are a ton of you) should love these little guys.  Something tells me they will not be as popular as those – but they should be!

IMG_1034 (2)

In Case You Missed It – Round 5

CCI03112018 (2)

It’s so much fun to talk about the real Hulk in comics once again!  Hopefully I can make this another weekly feature on my site!  Since the Hulk did not appear in the Avengers: No Surrender this time instead I bring you Captain America #699.

CCI03112018_0001 (2)

I let you know a few weeks ago that the Hulk will appear in this and in #700 in a month.  There is a decent showdown between Hulk and Cap in the first few pages of the new issue – until, of course, Cap pulls the old “I’ll put a ton of explosives on my shield and let it blow up in your face” against the Hulk.  Oldest trick in the book!  Check it out – it’s still on the shelves!

CCI03112018_0002 (2)