Donnie Darko Dorbz (2017)

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Ready for a crazy confession?  I’ve only seen Donnie Darko once and I kind of hated it.  I have to say I am not one of the people who go gaga over this cult classic.  I did get this Dorbz for $1 at the end of TRU history and that’s why I show it to you now.  Listen, there was so little left on the Funko wall that I just took whatever was left no matter what it was.  If someone sees this in my office and starts quoting from this movie I will have to admit I have no idea what they’re talking about and stand there awkwardly as we both stare at this Dorbz proudly displayed on one of my shelves.


New Hulk vs Loki Pop!


Walgreens has been slaying with their exclusive Pops and this little set is no exception!  Knowing Walgreens, and the way they handle exclusives, this should be readily available to any Hulk fan wanting to get their hands on it!  Amazingly, this will make the 4th Hulk Pop offered in less than a year!  Not that I’m complaining!

Who else is planning on picking this up?

Hulk Phone (2003)

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Sometimes, when people see my collection they offer me pieces – and I am more than happy to take them off their hands!  Of course, you know how people selling things online will say “Comes from a smoke-free home”?  There’s a reason – smoke clings to everything!  Smokers can’t smell it anymore but people who aren’t used to that odor are bombarded with that stench!

IMG_1374 (2)

Well, my friends, as nice as it was to receive this phone from a fan the problem was that it stinks to high heavens!  I never bothered to buy this piece when it came out – but I do love the number pad on the phone!  The tilted, and shaken numbers look like they’ve been through some stuff!  If the phone didn’t smell so bad this piece would be high up on my list of fun items – but since it does I keep it stashed away in the box in the cellar!

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Now You’re Looking Fashionable!: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 38

hulk eats 1

I like how Hulk and Thor ae so fixated on the attire and eats that they don’t seem to notice the “gas station” they at are at doesn’t even have a road that leads up to it!  That would be my first worry!  But Hulk in overalls does seem kind of smart.  Reverting back to Banner wouldn’t be as much trouble – or obscene – if he had access to overalls over the years.  I’m not sure how popular the garb would be with fans though… maybe I’m just weird.

Avengers: Infinity War Mystery Minis Box (2018)

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No lie – whenever I can snag a box like this I make sure to.  It’s pretty fantastic when you’re able to get something as an added bonus – most of the time stores won’t be bothered at all if you take the box since they would usually just throw it out anyways.  I wouldn’t have picked it up if the Hulk wasn’t on the box – but he was I a snagged it.

IMG_1302 (2)

I do love the Hulk and Hulkbuster being side by side on the side of the box – and the fact that they even included the Hulk was a bonus since he was in a total of less than 5 minutes in the whole movie.  I have check but I know there are a few missing minis from the entire collection.  A glow in the dark chase and metallic versions exist that I don’t have.  Maybe someday.

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TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack (2016)

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I passed on this set for months as it sat in the Marvel aisle.  Most of the figures in this set were available to buy on their own – the only figure unique in this package is the overly large Groot.  You do get some extra guns and knives but overall, this set is not worth the $60 they were asking.  When the liquidation took hold I waited a long 2 months before this set was 90% off.  Yes, I finally took the plunge with this set when it cost a mere $6.

hulk 011 (2)

I might’ve jumped sooner if I hadn’t already bought the Rocket Raccoon figure months before this set was released.  Overall, I was happy to finally pick one of these up if for nothing else than the nostalgic factor.  I will miss TRU immensely and I think we’re all going to suffer when the once great exclusives get harder and harder to acquire.  Then again, it will also save us from seeing exclusives like this clutter up the shelves.

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Separated at Press #2

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It’s no Ingestible Bulk but it seems like the next best thing!