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Well, this figure remains to be highly sought after but even better is a conversation I noticed on Facebook from some of the legends in the business discussing what might’ve been:


For the record, I tend to agree that the hair should have been darker!

Marvel Legends Stan Lee Figure (2020)

006 (2)

I can’t rcommend this figure enough. The signed Cap Shield is the icing on the cake for sure but the overall figure is one of the coolest collectibles to come out of 2020. I am not sure if they are going to make this into a line of Stan Lee “characters” from the MCU line but as for the first offering, it’s a solid choice with high marks all around.

007 (2)

For a man who helped shape our childhood this is certainly the least we can do to honor him. We need a Kirby figure next – complete with cigar. From what I’ve read I hear this figure has good articulation and paint apps – for me it will stay in the impressive box as it is part of the charm of this collectible.

009 (2)

Grade: A+

Friday Review: The Immortal Hulk #36 (2020)

CCI08282020_0005 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet
Artist: Inker Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.19 – $39.99

Total Covers: 1 Regular Cover
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I love when a group of heroes think they can handle an already out of control Hulk. It just doesn’t work like that yet they keep on trying! This issue is a perfect example of heroes not listening and just making situations worse!

CCI08282020_0006 (2)

After the Hulk exploded with Gamma energy Rick Jones body – currently being occupied by the Leader – became a nightmare out of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. People have melted and no one is more scared or confused then the Hulk himself! Before the Hulk can even gather this thoughts Gamma Flight, the trio consisting of Puck, Crusher Creel and Titania, come to try and take the Hulk down. McGee tries to call them off but the Group is already full of bravado that they can contain the situation.

Creel even thinks his headlock will be enough to take the Hulk down. Unfortunately, when Titania pushes McGee down, the Hulk gets angry enough to completely rip Absorbing Man’s arm off and slam him into the ground. That’s when Titania thinks she up and takes the Hulk for a ride through some heavy machinery. Even getting some solid punches in! It’s not enough though as the Hulk swats her away.

Meanwhile Samson and McGowan are trying to figure out how to teleport the Hulk and Rick Jones out of the insanity. McGowan tells Samson to fetch a thumb drive from the main lab.

CCI08282020_0007 (2)

Creel isn’t down for the count though as he absorbs the Gamma and becomes a giant mass of energy – much to Jones (who is really Sterns) delight.

Samson arrives at the main lab to grab the thumb drive but notices Del Frye in the tube. He notices how the doctor looks the same as he did when Samson first brought him in. This might’ve been the moment Frye was waiting for though as he suddenly reaches through the glass and melts the lab worker Erwin right before their eyes. Adding insult to murder Frye makes pleasantries with Samson and Erwin’s corpse drips to the ground!

CCI08282020_0008 (3)


  • Leader!
  • Del Frye
  • Gamma Flight
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Drax: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Nicknames – Week 36

In the 90’s Drax and the Savage Hulk shared a lot of traits. Drax was a large behemoth and complete simpleton, green with purple outfit.  The Hulk in the 90’s was a lot smarter and usually nastier, also, a lot more fun to read!  But when the two met it didn’t stay cordial, unfortunately, the Hulk boiled down Drax to a simple nasty taunt.

Drax is a Loser

nicknames 3 (2)

Friday Review – Avengers of the Wastelands #4 (2020)

CCI08252020 (2)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist Jonas Scharf
Artist: Colorist Neeraj Menon
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$1.25 – $14.99

Variants: 1 Shavrin Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI08092020_0008 (2)

I know pre-pandemic that Marvel was a disaster to deal with but I have to say I am pretty happy with thier desicion to finish storylines that weren’t exactly burning up the charts. I wasn’t sure we would see the conclusion to this interesting and fun as hell mini-series. Taking place in the land and timeframe of Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye, this rag tag group of heroes are facing some real difficult opposition!

This is the second to last issue and it open to Hydra’s Strucker being confronted and ultimately killed by Doom. Strucker dared to try to gather an army and Doom put that to a stop right away!

CCI08252020_0001 (2)

Now we join our quintet of rookie heroes who have fallen into a trap. They are facing off against Wild Child (yawn), Shocker (what, was Vulture not available?), Green Goblin (finally someone good), Absorbing Man and Enchantress (Holy crap! How in the hell are these children going to face off against the likes of these A-list villains?). Unfortunately, the group does not go without casulties, such as Wild Child taking out little Hulk’s eye. It isn’t until Ant-Man finally gets his helmet working that he summons millions of his little friends to literally eat the bad guys!

CCI08252020_0002 (2)

During the fight it is revealed that Ant-Man, even though he just saved them, was the one who was working with Doom to lead the group there to be destroyed. Vision meanwhile phases through a tower to find Old Man MODOK who she immediately dispatches with a quick brain-ectomy.

CCI08252020_0003 (2)

While Ant-Man has betrayed the group, it was to save his people, so the group is cool with it – all but new Cap who is still bull shit.  But, hey, it’s 3 against 1 so what are you going to do? Am I right? We end with the group marching on to Babylon!

  • Doom
  • M.O.D.O.K.
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Funko Pop Avengers Gamerverse Hulk #635 (2020)

001 (2)

While I was not really looking for this in my collection I have a couple of fantastic connections looking out for me when it comes to Pops. So one day one of those connections shows up with this little guy that he just found at Walmart.

002 (2)

003 (2)

I’ve always though that Funko could have produced more grey Hulks – still waiting on a Fixit POP – but this is sreiously out there! From the face/body paint to the shaggy hair and beard homeless look – I don’t know how this fits into the game but I also kind of don’t want to know.

004 (2)

I know this version of the Hulk isn’t for everybody so I wouldn’t push this figure on anyone who isn’t interested in getting it. That being said, with a simple re-paint and shave this would make a great Savage Hulk mold! Grade: C-