Tiny Avengers: AoU Hulk Bobblehead (2015)


Avengers sequel merchandise was very hit and miss.  This Hulk came in a 4-pack with some of the other Avengers but I really didn’t want to get the whole set.  This what happens when merchandisers go crazy with popular films.  In 2003 we saw such an influx of Hulk merchandise it was hard to keep up!  Same with Avengers.

I didn’t want the whole set – and from what I remember the set ranged in the $25-$30 area.  I certainly wasn’t willing to pay that much for just this little Hulk figure.  This is when I am happy that eBay exists!  I was even happier to realize I didn’t buy full price when I saw that this little guy is, in fact, a bobble head.

Brodie Bruce from Mallrats (2016)


Here is a non-Hulk Thursday, comin’ at ya with some SMODCAST goodness!  1994 Was a great year, not just for me personally but for movies music and everything in between.  It was the year the world was introduced to the wit of Kevin Smith.  Granted his humor has changed over the years and become more Cheech and Chong but in the beginning the man was all about telling tales through snappy dialogue and ferocious banter.  Clerks was released to a wild buzz and the follow up was a much maligned and truly underrated classic called Mallrats.  If you haven’t seen the movie you are doing yourself a disservice.



Two dumped slackers spend the day at the mall running into a cast of characters including Stan Lee.  My favorite, by far, is Brodie Bruce who has a decidedly selfish approach to life.  But try telling the man he’s wrong.  The character dates, gets dumped and wins back his girl in the span of 90 minutes all while holding a Dixie cup of soda.


The figure has all the amenities just mentioned but also includes his Sega controllers, a big cookie and even the chocolate covered Pretzel.  For those of you in the know – the pretzel is a must with any Brodie Bruce figure!  The only disappointment was the exclusion of his signature shirt.  From the ad that comes with it the shirt is on the minimates figure – just not here – which is a bit odd.


New Figures to be Seeking in the New Year!


It’s been a while since Marvel has released anything in their 3″ line that got my attention.  Mostly, as nice as the figures look, they’ve been characters I don’t have any interest in.  That being said, we finally have a Hulk related figure to look forward to!  The Maestro!  Sure, this is the future Hulk that starred in the Secret War’s Contest of Champions as of late and not the superior Future Imperfect – but it still looks bad ass in all sorts of bad asserry ways!

Also, Walgreens keeps on releasing exclusives – this time mini mates with a glow in the dark Hulk figure!  Keep an eye out and let me know if you see these figures hit the shelves!


The Incredible Hulk Game with the Fantastic Four (1978)


The Hulk has had quite a few games released in the 70s and 80s.  This a prime example of one of the more entertaining.  If you have liked the Facebook page then you’ve already seen pics of my daughter and I enjoying an afternoon of playing – but here is a closer look at the whole set.  The game board is a maze that sort of reminds me of Trivial Pursuit, as in, you can go anywhere on the board, but you’re actively trying to avoid running into the Hulk.


Each game piece is a character of the Fantastic Four – you choose who you want to be – and in turn, pretty much everyone is the Hulk.  Basically the Hulk moves with you.  You pick either a Dr. Banner or Hulk card and that sort of decides your fate of what happens next.  If you are able to make Dr. Banner’s face from the Dr. Banner cards that means you’ve tamed the beast and won the game.  No lie – it’s super frustrating when you keep getting the same side of his face over and over.


One of the unique advantages of the game I possess is that the Hulk’s  extra arm on the spinner has never been used or even separated from the original card.  Overall, this was a super fun game and my daughter and I enjoyed it immensely.  If you’re in the mood for some vintage board game fun I would say this is certainly worth the pick up!

Just Friends: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 2

There might be times where we are all a bit confused – and this year we will explore the times that the Hulk has no idea what is going on.  Even the times when he isn’t sure what to do or where to go…  It’s a year of confusion!


Being the leader of the Pantheon was not a gig Hulk asked for or particularly enjoyed.  Who would?  You have to be responsible for all sorts of super-powered people who acted like they were on a weekly soap opera with love triangles and back stabbing.  In the best bit of karma that PD could serve up the Hulk was also in charge of a lummox named Ajax.  A beast of a man with the smarts of an elevator switch.  Turns out he loved Atlanta who happened to be smitten with a man named Achilles.  See?  Soap Opera!


Well, Hulk happened upon Ajax and Atlanta in a moment of truce and mistook the scene for an attack.  He defended the pixie of a girl only to be schooled by her a second later.  The scene proved embarrassing for the Hulk and put his leadership skills into question.

Metal Die Cast Hulk (2016)


When I mentioned finding the larger version at TRU a while back a few people chimed in and told me to check out Walgreens as a possible other place selling these little chunks of metal.  Well, as I always do, I took the good advice and found the little 4″ Hulk at my local shop.  Sadly, this is the only reason for me to go in – as I do not shop at Walgreens… like ever. I’m not against the shop I just really have no reason to go in – but I may need to make it a regular stop as I know Walgreens now carries exclusive Marvel Legends and POP figures.  Like the Agent Venom I bought – or a few other pieces I will have to show off in the coming weeks!


These figures, like the larger versions, are inarticulated hunks of metal that look cool when displayed from their packaging – but not much else can be done with it.  They are essentially tiny statues – which still look cool with their stylistic sculpt.  This version has a slightly different stance and does not appear to have the “battle damage” the other figure had.  I enjoy these pieces – there is also a new Dr Strange piece I am considering because of the fantastic look to it.  Like I said, they don’t do much but look cool – then again, we don’t them to do much beyond that!


Another List of Things You Did Not…Or Already Did Know- Defenders Edition


I don’t mind CBR but I have to say their lists are usually hit or miss by being interesting or completely bogus.  This Defenders list lies somewhere in the middle.  Click on the image for the list.