WalMart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos (2018)

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I have stated how much I love the Marvel Legends figures, especially when they are comic accurate, and the latest WalMart exclusive does just that.  I know that the figure is a repaint of the BAF from the Avengers line.  While I have mixed feelings on the idea of Hasbro re-packaging BAF to buy them singularly I do have to say seeing THIS particular figure I am so glad they did it!

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Giving us a complete – and better – repaint with a brighter blue and deeper purple the figure strikes a much better resemblance to the Thanos we know from the pages of the Infinity Gauntlet and beyond.  The packaging is even eye-catching with some great comic art on the sides and a Gauntlet featured on the top.  The other amazing gift we’ve been given in this new package is an extra head to swap and of course the most important piece – an Infinty Gauntlet.

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This is the sort of exclusive to get excited about.  When the new figure not only dwarfs, in comparison, to the original but offers a something extra I don’t hesitate for a second to shell out the extra money for it.  I don’t have an extra to open so I can’t really speak of the paint application – although it looks to be fantastic!

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While the new BAF Thanos is certainly the most movie accurate I would take the new exclusive version every time!  This is already going for some major money on eBay – I can’t tell the future but I think this will be highly sought after for years to come.  I have to thank my friend Ted who was able to snag me an extra one on one so I didn’t have to shell out the extra dough to the scalpers.  WalMart is notorious for having spotty exclusive releases where not every store receives them so finding this guy will prove to be a bit of a challenge for some.  Who out there was able to track one of these great figures down?


Pulls From the Short Box – 4.18.18

short box

What is the point of comics if you don’t read them? Don’t be one of those CGC slabbing comic book “collectors”! Make sure to read them over and over again! Here is a list of what I’ve been reading from my collection:

Spider-Man 2099  (1992)
W: David / A: Leonardi
Issue I’m Reading – #1-4
Total Issues in the Series: #46spidey20994
I’ve always thought that Spidey 2099 was the ballsiest and best of all that the 2009 series had to offer.  That’s also why he’s lasted throughout the years!  The first three issues deal with Miguel trying to handle suddenly having powers and hiding it from his brother, girlfriend and scumbag of a boss.  The fourth issue shows off Miguel’s first real challenge in a villain, calling himself “The Specialist”!  The issue ends especially well with Spidey looking to loose his head!

So Far: B+

Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992)
W: Starlin / A: Medina, Almond
Issues I’m Reading – #1-5
Total Issues in the Series: #42wiw3
Warlock chooses a group of his closest allies to protect the super powerful infinity stones.  This is directly after the events of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Cosmic Beings are still unsure that Warlock should have them.  So, he splits then up and then flys off to visit his friends from the past.  Of course, he comes across more than just friendly faces – ones that he struggles to fight physically and mentally!

So Far: A-

Contest of Champions (2015)
W: Ewing / A: Medina
Issues I’m Reading – #1-10
Total Issues in the Series: 10


You’d think that a series that features, not one incarnation of the Hulk, but two would be high on my MUST READ list!  Unfortunately, you’d be a bit disappointed then.  This series is a fun look at characters you wouldn’t normally see matched up against each other.  Characters that, for all intent and purposes, should NOT be matched up against each other.  There is plenty to enjoy in this series – such as The Maestro pulling the strings behind the curtain to grant him ultimate power while the Collector and Grandmaster focus on winning this “game” – but ultimately this series just throws forgettable characters into forgettable moments and at the end of the last issue you just shrug and say to yourself “Well, that’s it, I guess.”

Series: C

Spider-Man and Batman (1995)
W:DeMatteis  A: Bagley
Issue I’m Reading- #1
Total Issues in the Series: 1spiderbat
You really can’t go wrong with Spidey and Batman facing off against their craziest foes – Carnage and Joker TOGETHER!  Having to battle one is just too nuts – but have these two team-up and you’ll get the most bang for your buck!  Hell, seeing Batman knock out Carnage is worth the price alone!  Mix in seeing the Joker turn on Carnage and then the two turn again… oh man, this story keeps you on your toes the whole way through!

Issue: A-

Anyways, what are you guys reading from your collection?

Hulk Clutch and Pop (2018)

IMG_1072 (2)

On a trip to seek out if the new Thanos or any of the Avengers toys were out yet I came across this little Hulk treasure.  When I saw it I thought nothing could be better than a toy where the Hulk fondled his balls!  This little toy is so much more than a punchline though – it’s also a weapon!  One where no eyeball is safe!

IMG_1073 (2)

See, what you do is take a little soft ball and shove it deep into the Hulk’s hole.  Then you squeeze the Hulk with all the might you can muster to make the ball come hurtling out of the front is his hands.  If aimed correctly you can easily take out an eye or, if real lucky, an open mouth and make someone choke!

IMG_1075 (2)

I’m just kidding, really!  This toy is super cool! The sculpt is actually really quite well done!  Bonus – you can lose two of the balls and no worries, you can still play with the toy because Hulk comes with extra balls!  A third ball, if you will!

IMG_1076 (2)

In Case You Missed It – Round 10

CCI04112018_0007 (2)

Welcome to the week of Hulk on the cover – yet no Hulk to speak of IN the actual books!  Above is a funny but odd choice of a cover for Spider-Man vs Deadpool #31 – no Hulk in the pages of the book – but I appreciate the cover!

CCI04112018_0002 (2)

Next, after some awesome Hulk violence in the pages of Thanos last issue, we just get a recreation of the Hulk vs Venom variant cover for issue #18!  Again – no Hulk in the book – but a great cover none the less!

Captain America #699 had a quick appearance with Banner Hulk but landmark issue #700 has the Hulk on the cover but lacking any sight of the Hulk IN the actual book!  But, finally, we get to a book where the Hulk appears, albeit it briefly, IN the book!  Avengers #688 where the Hulk takes on the Challenger.  Things fare as well as you’d expect – but it’s still pretty great.

CCI04112018_0004 (2)

Sage Truth: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Gluttony! Week 16


You can almost take this out of context as the Hulk is a cannibal.  I mean, you have to try really hard – but the implication is there!

Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk (2018)

IMG_1035 (2)

So, let me just get this squared away right away. Every time a company graces us with a new Planet or Gladiator Hulk I immediately complain about one or two things.  The lack of an obedience disc and lack of rage in the Hulk’s face.  Here you will not hear me utter one word about a missing obedience disc because the Hulk did not sport one in the movie – so it finally makes sense!  Of course the lack of said disc in the movie is another topic all together, one that I have exhaustively tackled, so I won’t bother doing it here again.

IMG_1037 (2)

The face is, on the other hand, I have mixed feelings about.  I love the likeness to the Hulk we see on screen but his ho-hum attitude bleeds boredom all over this figure!  I love that they gave us an extra head to sport the Hulk in full gladiator gear, helmet and all, but again, the face just screams “I need a nap”.  I think Marvel Select does a fantastic job, especially on the large, heavy figures like this one but this figure has a couple of noticeable defects.  The large spray of black paint on his forehead (above) where the painter missed the target is a huge eyesore!  Of course, that could just be my Hulk but still…

IMG_1038 (2)

Even though my complaints are few it still isn’t an excuse on the glaring issues that this figure sports.  I do like this offering from Marvel Select – even with it’s faults – and we still get quite a bang for your buck when it comes to these figures.  It doesn’t help that this is a lot harder to find than most figures from this line. Overall, I think you guys should get it but don’t expect perfection like I was.

IMG_1036 (2)

Jason Vorhees Softs (2017)

IMG_1107 (2)

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and the best slasher films that the 80’s had to offer has to go to the Friday the 13th series.  Jason Vorhees not only had the best back story but also the most inventive deaths.  Sure… as the series progressed to the 7th and 8th instalments they may have gotten a little “long in the tooth” but I loved Jason goes to Hell AND Jason X.  For me though, nothing compares to Part 4 – the incorrectly names Final Friday.  That is easily the best of the entire run!  For all the love I have for these movies I’ve picked up only a select few of my favorite pieces, including these two plushes.

IMG_1106 (2)

I know there are more softs out there but I just picked up these – the Fabrications was a must due to the ability to remove the mask and see the gruesome features underneath! Some of the softs have the mask attached or sewn on – big mistake in my opinion – one of the must haves for a cool figure is the grotesque face underneath the iconic mask!  How could you not?  Of all the memorabilia from the Friday series – these two might not be my favorite but they are certainly the most adorable!

IMG_1108 (2)