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Mego 6″ Hulk (1974)

Mego Hulk 1974

This is the 6″ mego figure I told you about earlier.  If you look close, this figure has an actual nut and bolt in it’s arm to keep it together.  I got him that way – it is not something I did to him.  I don’t mind – I think it gives him character.  Like he’s 1/8th bionic or something.  According to his ass – where the copyright info. is – he came out 4 years before is 12″ counterpart.  I think I wrote counter-point in an earlier blog when I meant counterpart.  Ignore that.  I like this piece but do keep my eye out for an affordable one still on the card.

Bowen Hulk Bust (1998)

 Hulk Bowen

This is one of the first pieces I bought.  Namely because, in 1998, I actually had a job that I made enough money where I could start spending it frivolously.  I think this bust captures the Hulk’s expression perfectly.  He’s not mad – but he is pissed.  Probably for no reason – probably because everyone is out to get him.  Doesn’t matter – look at those abs!  This is #637 out of 3000.  I never seen this bust around anymore.  Looks like everyone who owns it are the people who want to keep it, not the sellers trying to take advantage of people like me who are obsessed.  Damn you people!

Hulk Kazoo (1979)

Hulk Kazoo 

This is one of those pieces that you never go out intentionally looking for – it’s one that you just come across and think – “why not?”  I found this on ebay – I don’t usually try to buy things off ebay – I like to try to find it in person – it’s more of a challenge that way. But I saw this piece and had never seen it before – not to mention it was really cheap – so I picked it up without another bidder even trying for it.

My favorite part of this piece is right after it says “Hulk Hum and Play Kazoo” it also says “Non-Toxic”  Wait!  Are you telling me that there are a bunch of TOXIC Kazoos out there?  Holy Mackeral!  What a scary thought!  Thank goodness they had the right frame of mind here – making the Hulk Kazoo with NON-TOXIC materials.  I also like how they tried to make it look like the Hulk is dancing on the package – but he still has an angry expression.

Mighty Marvel Spring Action Jiggleheads (2003)

jiggle hulk

I came across this really funky action figure in Brockton at the New England Comics.  It’s head and arms are set on springs and jiggle around when you shake it.  I have never seen another person with a figure like this – so as you can imagine – it is one of my favorite pieces that I own.  It’s not a very good looking figure – but it gets points for originality. 

Bowen Hulk Statue (Grey version)(2002)

Hulk 2002

This might be the rarest piece I have.  Bowen Sculptures are the only statues that seem to gain in value – and this piece (#636 out of 1000) has a green counter point – that I do not own.  I paid alot of money for this one – I couldn’t justify shelling out another couple hundred for the green version.  I’d rather have the grey version (although it says “gray version” on the bottom – but I like “grey” – looks much classier) because most of the busts and statues I own are the green versions.  This piece is so beautifully sculpted right down to the yellowing teeth and the bulging veins that are popping right out of his skin.  Since the Hulk started out grey in the comics I like to think that this version is from based on that era. 

Hulk 2002 2

Mr. Fixit (1996)

Fixit 1996

In 1996, The Incredible Hulk had a great cartoon on the now defunct UPN, and with that show came a couple of toy lines – this being part of the “Incredible Hulk” line – there is also a “Transformations” line.  This figure is of “Mr. Fixit”.  When the Hulk was caught in an explosion at the hands of The Leader at the end of “Ground Zero” Hulk relocated to Las Vegas and became Mr. B’s #1 man.  He was the most angry version of the Hulk – but, in my opinion, also the most fun to watch.  This figure, at the time, was the best looking figure of the line and a very rare peek at Fixit.  As you can tell – seeing as they don’t even mention Mr. Fixit – the package just says “Grey Hulk Battle Damaged”.  Notice the bullet hole in the tie?  The figure also comes with a pretty obnoxious gun – which Fixit never used (seeing as he was bullet proof) but the snazzy hat makes up for it.

12″ Mego Hulk (1978)

Mego Hulk 12″

These two 12″ Hulk figures are from 1978.  They are part of the famous Mego line.  I have 2 because I found one in a comic shop back in 1998 – but could not find the 6″ one anywhere.  I finally did find the 6″ (which I will post at a later date – or maybe even later today) on ebay, but it came with the 12″ figure.  Both are in pretty good condition, although I would love to find one in a box someday.  These two are featured on my desk – standing proudly until I move to a place where I can have my own Hulk room.