Bowen Hulk Bust (1998)

  This is one of the first pieces I bought.  Namely because, in 1998, I actually had a job that I made enough money where I could start spending it frivolously.  I think this bust captures the Hulk’s expression perfectly.  He’s not mad – but he is pissed.  Probably for no reason – probably becauseContinue reading “Bowen Hulk Bust (1998)”

Mighty Marvel Spring Action Jiggleheads (2003)

I came across this really funky action figure in Brockton at the New England Comics.  It’s head and arms are set on springs and jiggle around when you shake it.  I have never seen another person with a figure like this – so as you can imagine – it is one of my favorite pieces thatContinue reading “Mighty Marvel Spring Action Jiggleheads (2003)”

Bowen Hulk Statue (Grey version)(2002)

This might be the rarest piece I have.  Bowen Sculptures are the only statues that seem to gain in value – and this piece (#636 out of 1000) has a green counter point – that I do not own.  I paid alot of money for this one – I couldn’t justify shelling out another coupleContinue reading “Bowen Hulk Statue (Grey version)(2002)”

Sam Keith Hulk Bust (2005)

  I thought I’d start this blog page with my favorite piece in my collection.  This isn’t the rarest piece I have – nor is it the most expensive – but it combines the beauty of sculpture with my favorite artist – Sam Keith.  This piece is #87 out of 2500.  I’ve never seen aContinue reading “Sam Keith Hulk Bust (2005)”