12″ Mego Hulk (1978)

Mego Hulk 12″

These two 12″ Hulk figures are from 1978.  They are part of the famous Mego line.  I have 2 because I found one in a comic shop back in 1998 – but could not find the 6″ one anywhere.  I finally did find the 6″ (which I will post at a later date – or maybe even later today) on ebay, but it came with the 12″ figure.  Both are in pretty good condition, although I would love to find one in a box someday.  These two are featured on my desk – standing proudly until I move to a place where I can have my own Hulk room. 

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16 thoughts on “12″ Mego Hulk (1978)

  1. Just wondering if you ever sell any of these I have looked all over and can’t find one for my son. I grew up with this doll and would love to have one for him.

      1. that’s what I’d like to know!

        No greenskin – nothing on this site is for sale – or to be given away…

  2. i guess ur right none of these figures should deserve to be sold, so i just want to apoligze for asking so much and for bugging you so thats why im going to start over
    hi! im greenskin and i love the hulk as much as you do
    so wat do u say? apology accepted

  3. I have one of these minus the pants that I found in my grandmothers basement when we were moving her house. It was my dads, what are the value of these minus the pants.

    1. The only way these retain any value is in the package – complete – so I would have to say no – your find is probably only worth about $10 – if that.

  4. i have a mego 12″ hulk in the box in pretty good condition as well as the 70’s blow up hulk muscles in the box and i’m selling both. i’ll be putting them on ebay this weekend.

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