Bowen Hulk Statue (Grey version)(2002)

Hulk 2002

This might be the rarest piece I have.  Bowen Sculptures are the only statues that seem to gain in value – and this piece (#636 out of 1000) has a green counter point – that I do not own.  I paid alot of money for this one – I couldn’t justify shelling out another couple hundred for the green version.  I’d rather have the grey version (although it says “gray version” on the bottom – but I like “grey” – looks much classier) because most of the busts and statues I own are the green versions.  This piece is so beautifully sculpted right down to the yellowing teeth and the bulging veins that are popping right out of his skin.  Since the Hulk started out grey in the comics I like to think that this version is from based on that era. 

Hulk 2002 2

5 responses to “Bowen Hulk Statue (Grey version)(2002)

  1. yeah I alway been the green hulk fan myself and always get the green statues thats just me I was going to get this a long time ago in green but I didnt I wish I did oh well might get it in the furture sometime whens its going for $2000.00 LOL

  2. The Incredible(or Incredulous) Hulk-Man

    this looks as good as (or better) then the green version!

  3. I’ve seen both versions in person and I’m glad I passed on both when I had the chance to purchase them. I was never to crazy about the pose, color and the face wasn’t the greatest either. Since then though Bowen has redeemed himself with the other Hulk statues.

  4. I have the green version of this and it is one of my favorite Hulk statues. The look of the statue just screams classic Hulk, detail is great, and it is huge!

  5. Oh crap. I just looked at my statues and I was talking about the wrong one. Sorry.

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