Hulk Kazoo (1979)

Hulk Kazoo 

This is one of those pieces that you never go out intentionally looking for – it’s one that you just come across and think – “why not?”  I found this on ebay – I don’t usually try to buy things off ebay – I like to try to find it in person – it’s more of a challenge that way. But I saw this piece and had never seen it before – not to mention it was really cheap – so I picked it up without another bidder even trying for it.

My favorite part of this piece is right after it says “Hulk Hum and Play Kazoo” it also says “Non-Toxic”  Wait!  Are you telling me that there are a bunch of TOXIC Kazoos out there?  Holy Mackeral!  What a scary thought!  Thank goodness they had the right frame of mind here – making the Hulk Kazoo with NON-TOXIC materials.  I also like how they tried to make it look like the Hulk is dancing on the package – but he still has an angry expression.

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