Mego 6″ Hulk (1974)

Mego Hulk 1974

This is the 6″ mego figure I told you about earlier.  If you look close, this figure has an actual nut and bolt in it’s arm to keep it together.  I got him that way – it is not something I did to him.  I don’t mind – I think it gives him character.  Like he’s 1/8th bionic or something.  According to his ass – where the copyright info. is – he came out 4 years before is 12″ counterpart.  I think I wrote counter-point in an earlier blog when I meant counterpart.  Ignore that.  I like this piece but do keep my eye out for an affordable one still on the card.

2 responses to “Mego 6″ Hulk (1974)

  1. Ha! I have a nut and bolt in my child hood hulk as well.

  2. anthony edwards

    hey i just got mine but no pants or box……i have every nut and bolt though… interested in either buying any extra of what i do not have or selling mine,let me know…i will also consider trading

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