Sam Keith Hulk Bust (2005)

 Keith Bust

I thought I’d start this blog page with my favorite piece in my collection.  This isn’t the rarest piece I have – nor is it the most expensive – but it combines the beauty of sculpture with my favorite artist – Sam Keith.  This piece is #87 out of 2500.  I’ve never seen a grey variant of this bust and I don’t think there is one.  I purchased this in Boston at the Newbury Comics.  You can see the SpiderHulk figure in the back – but that will get it’s own post later…

Keith only did one issue of the Incredible Hulk (#368) vs. Mr. Hyde.  It was during one of the times that the Hulk was grey – but the bust is in green.  Keith did do many covers for Marvel Comics Presents… and those had some great Green Hulk art – but I will have posts on those later.

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4 thoughts on “Sam Keith Hulk Bust (2005)

  1. Maybe – but I think it’s actually based on some older Marvel Comic Presents art. I did love “Six Hours” though. I think Kieth’s Wolverine is one the best around.

  2. i have just recently required the sam kieth hulk bust, i am a huge fan of his artwork too ,it was the last one i needed to have all of the marvel sam kieth busts i have wolverine, spiderman and venom as well , you have a very impressive collection! i take you have seen the new hulk statues coming out by bowen i love the planet hulk statue and the maestro hulk think i will have a purchase myself!

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