Alex Ross mini-bust (2005)

  This is a mini bust of an extremely pissed Hulk.  I like how they have a little name plate on the front so that people won’t get confused to who it is.  Like there are people out there seeing this and saying “Boy, Kermit the Frog sure is angry about something”.  Nonetheless, I do like thisContinue reading “Alex Ross mini-bust (2005)”

Hulk Pins Collection

The pins at the top are all the incarnations of the Hulk.  They came out in 1990 – as well as the 2 in the middle that re-create McFarlane scenes.  I got these from Rubber Chicken Comics when it was still located in Milford.  I think it’s in Franklin now, if not, it’s right overContinue reading “Hulk Pins Collection”