Hulk Pins Collection

Hulk Pins

The pins at the top are all the incarnations of the Hulk.  They came out in 1990 – as well as the 2 in the middle that re-create McFarlane scenes.  I got these from Rubber Chicken Comics when it was still located in Milford.  I think it’s in Franklin now, if not, it’s right over the line.  The Universal Studio’s pin is from 1999 when I went on the Hulk Ride.  The other two are the oldest of this set that I have.  The small circular one at the bottom is from 1978 and I found that at a Flea Market.  The last I got off ebay.  My favorite is the pin where Grey Hulk is jumping through the air and you can see the moon behind him.

One response to “Hulk Pins Collection

  1. I have a very old Pin still in the packaging Copyright 1979 from Marvel. It is a hand painted pin of just the hulks face. Having a very hard time finding anything out about it. Any suggestions?

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