Incredible Hulk Smash and Crash (1997)

Smash and Crash 

I can still remember waking up on Saturday mornings just to watch the Hulk cartoon on UPN.  It may sound normal – but did I mention I was 21 when it was on?  Anyway, the two Hulk lines that came out from the animated show were “Smash and Crash” and “Outcasts”.  I will post the “Outcasts” line later – but here is the “Smash and Crash” line. 

The Leader once had a weird red liquid in his head – but over time it seems to have drained from his head and dissapeared all together.  Should I be worried about that? 

Zzzax is the other villan included in this set.  He made an appearence in the show – and Hulk beat him by throwing him into water.  Y’know – because he’s electric.  You can see a bit of fading on the Hulk on the bottom and the Leader cards.  This is how badly the sun hates your toys.  Keep them safe! These figures served their purpose.  They aren’t the best out there – but they are cool enough that Hulk collectors out there should rush to get them! 

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