Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Hulk (2006)

Legends 2

This figure had 2 versions right away (although – I don’t know why – the 1st appearance Hulk should be grey)  But I do like when they make a new head mold for a variant figure.  Besides we get to see Hulks winning smile.  I love the way these figures look.  I found the green – but my friend Corry found the grey variant for me.  Thanks!  They come with a reproduction of Incredible Hulk #1.  Nice.

2 responses to “Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Hulk (2006)

  1. you lucked out the gray was the regular edition the green was the chase figure. over all i think these are 2 of the best hulk figures ever made

  2. I found the grey version at a flea-market for ten bucks. It is still sealed. Is it worth more than that?

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