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Hulk Cereal (2003)

Hulk Cereal

This box is empty – I swear.  The cereal was a solid 6/10.  Compared to classics like Honey Comb and Frosted Flakes its pathetic.  In fact – it’s exactly like Lucky Charms, but instead of cool little good luck charms you eat marshmallow Hulks, and little marshmallow Bunsen beakers.  Gee, I wonder why this cereal didn’t last?  You might say it was limited edition cereal – only out for the movie release- I say they knew they had a clunker the moment of inception.

Marvel Masterworks – Hulk vs. Thing (2007)

Hulk vs. Thing

This diorama set is a great new addition to my collection, bought in New York by my friend Corry for me.  The white that you see is water – Hulk stepped in a puddle.  Hulk looks like he’s about to pummel the Thing – and the Thing’s just grabbing the Hulk’s hands – whining like, “Please, stop!  Don’t beat my punk ass!”  But Hulk will anyways – because he always does.  I think I went a bit overboard on this post.

Talking Hulk (1991)

Talking Hulk

Talking Hulk?!  Well, not exactly… there’s a little pack that does the talking – the figure without that pack is still a mute.  This was Marvel and Toy Biz trying to get away with stealing more money from consumers with the same exact figure they’ve released a hundred times before… AND IT WORKED – BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT!  I bought this from a Comic convention I attended in Boston.

Silver Age Hulk (1999)

Silver Age Hulk

This is one of the smallest Hulk figures I own.  Not to mention it looks like his shirt is made out of polyester.  He also looks slightly agitated – not angry – maybe he’s just upset about his new bowl haircut.  Unique figure to say the least.  I don’t see this figure around much.  Maybe there’s a reason.

Hulk T-Shirts (2007)

WWH Shirt

I just recently bought these shirts.  They’re both images from World War Hulk that is going on right now.  I have quite a few Hulk shirts – I just have to find them all to show you.  I like the battle shirt that has the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, She-Hulk, and Luke Cage trying to take the Hulk down.  I’ve never worn any of my Incredible Hulk t-shirts.  Not because I don’t like them or would be embarrassed – but because I hate wearing shirts that have anything on them.  Got the one on the top at Hot Topic in Dartmouth, the other at New England Comics in Quincy.

Battle Hulk

Incredible Hulk DVD’s (2003)

Hulk DVD’S

Most of these were brought out in 2003 to try to capitalize on the movie.  Too bad the movie wasn’t liked very much.  The Ultimate Collection has some of the best episodes from the television show.  The 2 animated DVD’s – the second one collects 3 or 4 of the ’96 animated show – and the first one collects the entire ’66 animated show that I bought off ebay.  They’re not bad… they’re just not that good either.  Then I have the T.V. movies made with Thor and Daredevil in a cool 2-pack that comes with a little comic highlighting points from the movies themselves.  I also have the original movie – which I got anyways when they started to release the seasons.  I will post those later.

Spiderman Dart Set (19??)

Spiderman Dart Set

I’m not sure when this came out because it has no date on it – I will do more searching and try to find out – but what did catch my attention is the fact that the Hulk is only worth 100 points!  And that’s the lowest points awarded on this whole dart set!  Hulk’s worth the lowest?  Lower than the Thing?  That’s just ludicrous.