Hulk Annual (1998)

 Underwater Hulk

Hey look!  Hulk blue himself.  There’s got to be a better way to say that…

Anyways, this cover shows Hulk under the water and, yes, BLUE.  May be it was the water – or maybe he was holding his breath for a wicked long time – alright, I admit it, I never read this one.  I was still in shock of Peter David’s departure from writing and the fact that his last story was so amazing – the death or Betty Banner.  But I thought this cover was cool nonetheless and think it’s still a noteworthy issue becuse of his color.  If anyone knows why he is blue in this issue leave a comment explaining why.  I guess I could read it myself now… oh, who am I kidding?  I’m way too lazy for that!

2 responses to “Hulk Annual (1998)

  1. he was experimented on by Atuma to be able to breath underwater. that also makes him blue

  2. Thank you so much! Great to have that answer finally!

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