Hulk Rage Cage (1991)

Rage Cage 1

There are a few versions of Hulk figures breaking from cages.  I have this from a comic shop in Worsester where an ex-girlfriend went to college.  This comic shop (I forgot the name – it was a really long time ago) had an unbelievable selection of stuff.  There was even an original Flinstones strip from the dailies.  This figure has Hulk ripping out of his painted on shirt.  That’s gotta be pretty hard to do.  The cage itself is pretty flimsy – You wouldn’t even need Hulk streangth to break out of this cage.  It looks like a couple of fifth graders science project.  Imagine them bringing Hulk into class saying “Don’t worry, he’s in our very solid ca… OH CRAP!  HE BROKE OUT!  HOW’D HE DO THAT!  Those bars were put together so… AAAAAAUUUUGH!”


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