Mr. Fixit Bust (2001)

Fixit Bust

It seems like so long ago – but it was only six years ago that this pretty little bust came out.  Mr. Fixit by Bowen.  A few years after the green Hulk bust (I already posted that) came this little charmer.  #2038 out of 2500 – it had a slightly smaller run than the green counterpart.  I like this bust – except – what’s with that tie?  Hulk have bad taste.  Hulk need a visit from those Queer Eye guys.  The bust had a McFarlane feel to it – even though McFarlane never drew a Fixit issue – but he always drew the Hulk with really pronounced eyebrow areas.  I can’t get over that tie.  It’s covering his abs!  Boo, bad decision.

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