Spiderman Dart Set (19??)

Spiderman Dart Set

I’m not sure when this came out because it has no date on it – I will do more searching and try to find out – but what did catch my attention is the fact that the Hulk is only worth 100 points!  And that’s the lowest points awarded on this whole dart set!  Hulk’s worth the lowest?  Lower than the Thing?  That’s just ludicrous.

Published by ratchet

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5 thoughts on “Spiderman Dart Set (19??)

  1. I’ve seen it but yet to purchase it. All it really says is Hulk on a sticker – other than that it’s a regular squirt gun so I’ve opted not to

  2. I think it’s weird Marvel would sell something that would let anyone shoot at the heroes Including Cap! Hulk is a hero in my eyes, I don’t wanna hear how he isn’t. But why????

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