The Maestro (1996)(2007)


How amazing is Peter David as a writer?  Future Imperfect is a perfect example of how creative this man got writing the Incredible Hulk.  This was a 2 shot that had Hulk facing a future version of himself.  The ending was not only shocking but brilliant. 

These figures are some of my favorites of my collection.  The first was from the Incredible Hulk “Transformations” line.  That is the better figure – even though the Marvel Legends Maestro has a better paint job – you can’t get much cooler accesories than the first.  Take a look at the belt across his chest – he has the helmets for Juggernaught, Dr. Doom, Iron Man and Nova – as well as Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Hammer, Dr. Strange’s cape and the best accessory of all – Woverine’s Skeleton. 

This figure came out in 1996 while the Legends figure just came out this year.  I appreciate that they did a different look to the Maestro for the Legends figure – in his royal garb.  Both figures are a thumbs way up.

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2 thoughts on “The Maestro (1996)(2007)

  1. I’m not sure if you have ever seen this cool site. Here’s a custom “ICONS Maestro”(which was made from ICONS Hulk), and it looks damn cool! There are also some custom zombie Hulk in this site. 🙂 (click the website)

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