Daily Archives: September 28, 2007

Hulk Place Mat (1978)

Hulk Place Mat 

Bought at a comic convention, this plastic place mat is really funny to me.  What says “Eat your dinner” more than a huge explosion, fire and destruction.  I love that Hulk looks like he has a milk mustache too.  Like he just came from lunch at a diner that is now burning to the ground – but Hulk looks satisfied and full.

Hulk Rage Cage (1996)

Rage Cage 2

This piece is big – bigger than the other rage cage I posted.  The cage looks a bit better constructed as well.  Like he can’t bust out just by sneezing.  As his arms lift and break the cage his shirt starts to split open – although it never really comes off – because as soon as his arms lower – his shirt is back on.  Tease.  Just like my girlfriend in highschool.