Incredible Hulk “Outcasts” (1996)


I displayed the “Smash and Crash” figures before – well, this is the other line with dubbed “Outcasts” for a good reason.  These guys are freaks.  This has some good figures such as the Leader Hulk, Wendigo, and the female named Chainsaw.  For some reason I am missing Two-Head.  A shrimp Hulk with two heads.  I’m not sure if I couldn’t find this figure or if I just didn’t buy him – but now, years later, knowing that my collection is not complete – you can bet I will be searching for this figure.  You will know if I found it because it will be posted right away.

2 responses to “Incredible Hulk “Outcasts” (1996)

  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes because I bumped into that Battle Hulk figure today. The card package is almost broken and the price is kinda…well, how would you say about this figure cost about US $14, but with the condition mentioned above?

    The clerk said she could give me a bargain if I love to pick that up. And she just kept saying how good , and of couse, how rare it is.

    After thinking for a while, I decided not to buy it. However, I told her that it’ll be good if there’s any others, especially the Two Head figure on the back of the package.

    Well, I think it can still be found if I change my mind some day. The card package just got many holes on it… And it’s the biggest reason I didn’t make up my mind picking it up.

  2. anthony yelistro

    oh man i really want the leader hulk with the gargoyle where chould you find it! 😦

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