Marvel Legends: Face Off (2006)

Face Off

These two packs are some of my favorite action figures ever.  Not only did they do new head sculpts for each variant – which I love – they chose the right villain.  The Leader is Hulk’s best foe – and while I prefer the McFarlane-esque Leader (to the left), the 60’s Leader is classic.  The Hulk’s in the package look mean, angry and ready to fight.  These two packs come with a reproduction of Incredible Hulk #115. 

One response to “Marvel Legends: Face Off (2006)

  1. i have the variant, the hulk is very poseable and reminds me of the John Buscema Hulk, but to me i think instead of the leader having a flathead, it would be better if it had the big forehead and a round head. just like his first appearance

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