Marvel’s Famous Cover Series (1998)

Famous Cover

This is what I call the Anorexic Hulk.  What a poor representation of the powerhouse known as the Hulk!  He looks like Jr. High Hulk, or Pre-teen Hulk.  In 1998, Toy Biz offered some pretty cool figures – and then they also offered this.  I remember the Spiderman Famous Covers being pretty cool.  The back of the package offers an opportunity for any fan to own their very own pose-able, 8″ Aunt May!  To the first 10,000 lucky people to order! 

I’m sorry, 10,000?  Is that supposed to get anyone excited?  Does that make this figure rare?  Was there 10,000 people out there demanding an Aunt May figure?  Was there even one? 

Toy Biz Staff Meeting:

“How many of those Aunt May figures do you think we should make?” 

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe about 1,000.”

“Well, geez – are there 1,000 Aunt May fans out there who want to buy her in action figure form?”

“You’re right, better make it 10,000!”

“Well, no.  I was thinking less.”

“Man, Aunt May sure is a hot piece of ass.”


“Are you still here?  Shouldn’t you be out making my Aunt May figures!”

Famous Cover 2

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