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Hulk Crazy Straw (1997)

Crazy Straw

The same time I was given the Hulk pencil with Hulk hanging on the top, I was given this too.  I thought about using it – but never did – in fear of having whatever I drank (like chocolate milk) not completely washing out and ruining the straw.  It’s a shame though… A crazy straw that’s never been used is almost like Disco Stu – without the polyester suit.

Marvel Shape Shifters (1999)

 Shape Shifters

These aren’t great figures – in fact, the transformation is this: Hulk in underpants to Dinosaur with Down Syndrome.  The grey version is more of the same wild fun!  I picked these pieces up at Toys R Us in Kingston – the back of the package says that this Hulk is from an alternate reality where, when the Hulk needs extra strength, he morphs into a dinosaur (more like clumsily folds into…)  Wait, Hulk needing extra strength?  What kind of bull-cocky is that?

That’s right!  I said bull-cocky – and I’m not even sorry!  Go ahead tell my mother!  See if I care!

Spider Hulk (2006)


Here is a cool and unexpected figure.  Spider-Hulk!  Think this never happened?  Guess again and take a look underneath – That’s right, Web of Spiderman #70 – Spider-Hulk appears.  I guess if Banner’s purple pants don’t rip off – why would Parker’s suit, right?

Web od Spiderman

Mini-Bowen Statue (2002)

 Bowen Mini 

This statue only stands about 8 1/2″ high but it is such a beautifully scuplted statue – it doesn’t matter.  Is it a rare piece?  Not really – my statue here is #5766 out of 7000 – and compared to the other staues I have, this is ALOT.  I keep this on the desk in my apartment that when you first walk in, you see right away.  It’s a piece that I think anyone can appreciate – even if you’re not a fan.

Hulk Jewelry (1978)(1997)

Hulk Ring

This is a Hulk ring – bought off ebay – and a Hulk body ring – bought by my sister at Hot Topic for me.  I do have a piercing – but it does not have the Hulk on it.  I like finding strange pieces like this.

Planet Hulk (2007)

Planet Hulk

The story line is… some of the heroes decided that the Hulk was too dangerous to keep on Earth – so they tricked him and shot him into space.  Hulk was supposed to go to a planet with nothing on it – so he could be alone – like he always wanted to be.  But he landed on a martian planet and was forced into battle with other aliens against their will – like Spartacus – or Russel Crowe – and then he beat the King and was made the savior by all of the other martians and finally found peace – until –  the space ship they sent him in blew up and killed everyone who loved him.  He got pissed and declared war on Earth and the heroes that sent him up.  Great story – even better figure.  They have another version with a silver arm – and if I get it I will post it later.  Bought at the Toy R Us in Dartmouth.

Marvel Legends Showdown (2005)

Legends Showdown 

Hulk is always matched up with Wolverine – when we all know Hulk would kill Wolverine in a real fight.  That is… if they were real.  Real and really fighting.  Especially if they were fighting over Betty.  Cause she was hot.  I mean, she would’ve be hot if she were real too. 

I need a life.

This Hulk figure is tiny compared to others but used for some role-playing D&D type game that I never played.  I like the way Wolverine’s claws look.