Marvel’s Greatest Super Heroes Pack (1995)

 Toy Pack

Once again, Marvel and Toy Biz repackages the ’91 Hulk figure that they made – this time in a pack with Wolverine, Iron Man (with Hulkbusting Armor), Ghostrider, Thing, and Spiderman, Venom and Siver Surfer.  Not a bad little pack – if these figures were original.  I have at least 4 of these figures – loose, in the pack, the talking version – yet I don’t have it on the original card.  I know where to get it – The Toy Vault in Attleboro – problem is, do I really want to go and spend even more money on the same figure again? 

Probably, yeah.

4 responses to “Marvel’s Greatest Super Heroes Pack (1995)

  1. The Silver Surfer- IS MISSING (I was about to say he was really blending into the box) They all look AWESOME!(they just should have pumped Iron-man and Wolverine up a little more)

  2. In fact they should have done that to every figure!(Except Ghost-Rider ‘cuz he doesn’t need any muscle!)

  3. Hulk certainly looks too small here

  4. lol i thought silver surfer was gone XDDD

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