Planet Hulk (2007)

Planet Hulk

The story line is… some of the heroes decided that the Hulk was too dangerous to keep on Earth – so they tricked him and shot him into space.  Hulk was supposed to go to a planet with nothing on it – so he could be alone – like he always wanted to be.  But he landed on a martian planet and was forced into battle with other aliens against their will – like Spartacus – or Russel Crowe – and then he beat the King and was made the savior by all of the other martians and finally found peace – until –  the space ship they sent him in blew up and killed everyone who loved him.  He got pissed and declared war on Earth and the heroes that sent him up.  Great story – even better figure.  They have another version with a silver arm – and if I get it I will post it later.  Bought at the Toy R Us in Dartmouth.

2 responses to “Planet Hulk (2007)

  1. That figure looks just so bad, he looked so badass in the comic. Nonetheless you have so many sick figures anyway, it may not even matter. How did you feel about the 2008 Hulk film though?

  2. It is one of the weaker Hulk figures – but still – there are better Planet Hulk figures coming soon! I did do a review of the movie on this blog! Check it out – I give it a rave review!

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