Spider Hulk (2006)


Here is a cool and unexpected figure.  Spider-Hulk!  Think this never happened?  Guess again and take a look underneath – That’s right, Web of Spiderman #70 – Spider-Hulk appears.  I guess if Banner’s purple pants don’t rip off – why would Parker’s suit, right?

Web od Spiderman

6 responses to “Spider Hulk (2006)

  1. People told me that this figure features a quick-throw action and that’s a really annoying feature ’cause it makes it difficult to pose. Joe Fixit(2006) has that feature as well and I think that does influence a lot when posing.

  2. It does and it does. I have to keep reminding myself that the toys are made for kids – and not for us collectors who would like to pose them and make a cool display.

    It is irratating though…

  3. Though I do know toys are mainly made for children, I still think that many toys are very detailed and can be vulnerable sometimes. So these kinds of toys are better to be collected by adults or teens. Such as Marvel Legends and its branch products and McFarlane.
    By the way, I thought you don’t unpack and play your figures but only display most of them, do you? I know some people do this ’cause toy packagings are getting better and prettier today. Or some buy tow or three so that they can display whole packaging and play one.

  4. I have a bunch that are loose – most that are still in the packages – and yes, I have bought doubles of others so that I can display them and keep them in the package~!

  5. hello can anyone tell me if and where i can buy one of these? my son has just got into the marvel collection and he came across a picture of this one and has been bugging me for one eversince only i cannot find any? thanks

    • Ebay – but be prepared to pay a good amount for it – last I saw it was going for about $80. You might want to tell your son to pick a new figure…

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