Daily Archives: October 2, 2007

Tranformations Statue (1997)


This big mutha of a statue is the very first statue I bought.  It took me months of putting $10 here and $20 there to Bill, the guy behind the register at New England Comics in Brockton, to finally get this guy out of hock – but it was worth it. This is # 652 out of 1500 There is a grey version but I chose to get the green because it was my first statue.  My sister once dropped this down the stairs – and the resin bastard survived without a scratch.  Truly one of my favorite pieces.

Marvel Legends Icons (2007)

Icons 1

This is absolutely the coolest figure that came out in a long time – although it seems as if the Hulk has acne problems when he was younger.  His skin looks like sandpaper and a coral reef all at once.  There is a grey version of this figure out – and I am in current pursuit of it as we speak.  I will post it as soon as I obtain one.