Tranformations Statue (1997)


This big mutha of a statue is the very first statue I bought.  It took me months of putting $10 here and $20 there to Bill, the guy behind the register at New England Comics in Brockton, to finally get this guy out of hock – but it was worth it. This is # 652 out of 1500 There is a grey version but I chose to get the green because it was my first statue.  My sister once dropped this down the stairs – and the resin bastard survived without a scratch.  Truly one of my favorite pieces.

Published by ratchet

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2 thoughts on “Tranformations Statue (1997)

  1. hi there,just wanted to say you are the man when it comes to the hulk,i love your website and i secretly visit it often too find out and depress myself(lol)at what else you’ve brought,my names daren from the uk and i’m a massive hulk fan and i’ve a fairly large collection myself over 30 years worth too be exact.
    Was just reading your note about your transformation statue i to love this statue and like you it was my first.I admire you for your dedication to our mutual green friend and one day i will photograph and record my collection and post it on the web for you to see but until then it will continue to be boxed and put in the loft until my daughter leaves home and i get a hulk room too. Until now i never knew there was anybody else out there that is as obsessed with the hulk as me but you my friend have proved me wrong,even my 18 month old son walks about saying “hulk smash” im teaching him well,well thats about it happy hunting and keep up the great work that you are doing to keep the hulkster alive,look forward to chatting again

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