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Superhero Squad (2006)

Superhero Squad

I know that they are trying to reach a younger audience with the Hulk and all, but… oh whatever.  These little guys aren’t really that bad – and the fact that they made the grey Hulk as well – that’s pretty cool.

Classic Marvel Team Ups and Battles (2006)

Classic Battles and Team Ups

Hulk is the only one in the Marvel universe who could go toe to toe with  a GOD!  Chalk that up to another thing that Hulk and Buffy Summers have in common.  Even Thor has a hard time taking the Hulk down.  Of course this toy really doesn’t show anything like that.  When you press the metal things at the bottom the two metal characters swing side to side at each other.  Looks more like they are dancing then fighting.  Heck, Hulk could out-dance Thor too!

Loose Figures (1978-2003)

Loose Figures

A whole bunch of nonsense is going on here – these are the Hulk figures that I have loose.  You will recognize some… The Marvel Legends figure series 1 from ’02 that I posted earlier.  Also, that damned Toy Biz figure from ’91 – I told you I had a few of those running around.  Fixit from ’96 and a few others from that era – but the standouts in this collection are the Incredible Bulk (Homer as Hulk) ’02 the Mighty Beanz Hulk in the front from ’03.  The 2 larger Hulks in the back are the oldest.  The one on the far right with his hands up is from ’78.  There is a small nozzle on the back which, as I’m told, is from an early version of the Rage Cages where you would blow the Hulk up until the cage broke from all around him.  Next to him is the other Hulk from ’79 – and apparently he came with either a rock or log that you would plug into his head and he would throw it.  The other Hulks of mention here in the infamous McDonald’s Hulk, the small one in blue pants in the front.  Also, in front of the crumbled rock wall is a bendy Hulk from ’89 and the Hulk fighter (the thing with no legs), you hold it in your hands and press buttons to make him swing around and hit something, from ’01.  

Hulk Motorized Truck (2002)

Hulk Truck

Doesn’t seem that long ago – but it was now creeping up on 5 years that I got this thing.  I’ve never used it and am not particularly fond of the Hulk Image (It’s the same one used on the Hummer I posted).  I could be wrong – but I think my sister bought this for me – of course I could be saying that because I don’t want to take credit for buying this.