Keown Statue (2004)

Keown Statue

No doubt, Keown was a master at illustrating the Hulk.  Too bad he’s so lazy.  Keown left the amazing run on the Hulk to create Pitt for Image comics – he put out a whole 6 issues in, like, 3 years.  He’s returned to the Hulk a few times over the years – to much acclaim – but never full time.  Still his presence is still felt to this day.  This statue captures his style really well, and being #315 out of 1000 – it’s also a pretty rare piece.  I don’t think there is a grey version – but that’s good.  This sculpt wouldn’t make sense as grey Hulk.

Keown Statue 2

6 responses to “Keown Statue (2004)

  1. i have this statue, and due to a freak accident due to physics, the hulk is no longer attached to its base. do you recommend a glue? by the way, love your collection. puts my collection to shame.

  2. Let me ask around – I’ll get back to you this week – so check back. And thanks – I love my collection too!

  3. cool.

  4. Check this thread here:

    Some good people who know what they are talking about…

  5. awesome. thanks, man.

  6. Thanks for your sharing!

    I really love your collections!

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