Savage Hulk (1996)

Ugly Hulk

I know this Hulk says “Transforming Action” on the bottom, but I don’t know what kind of “Action” it is.  See, the really ugly Hulk is hollow and the little Bruce Banner slips into a slit in ugly Hulks back and TA-DAH!  Transforming Action!  Made for the UPN cartoon – this is the ugliest figure.  It looks like Hulk’s retarded cousin.  Where’s his neck?  Why’s he so fat?  And Bruce?  Put some clothes on for goodness sake. 

9 responses to “Savage Hulk (1996)

  1. This is the single worst head sculpt ever put on a HULK figure. It looks like something from Futurama.

  2. Worst part of it is – out of this whole line – this is one of the better figures

  3. I have this figure MIB but with the “Savage Hulk” sticker on it. It doesnt appear to have been removed and replaced (and its not covered up) but i guess anythings possible. Or could it have been mis-labeled by the manufacturer? Do I have a rare mis-labeled worth millions of $$$$$? LOL

  4. Usually mis-labeled toys aren’t worth anymore – and sometimes worth less than a MIB with the right label. People don’t really collect mistakes!

    But I am a bit confused…

    This is the Savage Hulk – if the label says Savage Hulk then you have the right label.

  5. So sorry my Savage Hulk has the “Rampaging Hulk” label.

  6. That makes a little more sense!

    But like I said before – it’s not really that sought after – or rare, if you can believe that, these mistakes happen all the time. Before I went exclusively Hulk I had the figures from the Tarantino opus “Reservoir Dogs” but the Mr. White figure was in the Mr. Orange packaging.

  7. Banner doesn’t have any cloths on because he justturned back from the hulk.(i would love it if u could snap on cloths on banner and then take them off when he is angry)

  8. This was my very first Hulk figure when I was little, haha might not look great but its still the Hulk yeah!

  9. I want This figure!!!…where I can find it??????

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