Steel Body Trap Playset (1996)

Steel Body Trap

This is one of the play-sets I have – the other – the better – I will post later.  This steel body trap places Hulk into an inescapable… wait, is that a cushion around his head?  How is this God-Awful trap holding anything?  I wouldn’t trust it to hold a raccoon.  Because raccoons are crafty!  Watch those little suckers!  Comes with a figure, so it’s got that going for it.

6 responses to “Steel Body Trap Playset (1996)

  1. can you post pics? other than that?

  2. I would – but it’s not even open. I never opened it.

  3. how come you can’t open it and put it back in the box like a million other things you’ve done that with

  4. btw Hulk can break steel like a tooth-pick

  5. because I don’t want to?

    Why is it so important to you?

    Sorry, I’m probably not going to open it and take new pictures.

  6. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    because, it’s one of those things that you post the box,but not the toy which makes me really angry……

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