Daily Archives: October 15, 2007

Hulk Halloween Bucket (1978)

Hulk Halloween Bucket

Yes – I did use this when I was a kid – and yes, that means I had it that long.  I didn’t buy this when I got older or anything – it has survived through the years and made it into my collection as the very first Hulk piece I ever owned.  Brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.  Maybe not, but it’s still kind of cool.

Bowen Statue (2006)

Bowen 2006

Yes, this is another Bowen Statue, yes, this is my new favorite piece.  My friend Corry was able to pick this up for me in New Jersey and I have the big grey statue facing off against the big green one on the top of my desk.  This guy is 15 inches high and is #2152 out of 2500.  Check them both out on the statues page.  I know that there are a bunch of Hulk statues out there – but I only collect the ones I like.  I don’t think Bowen can make one that I would not like – his statues and busts are the pinnacle.

Bowen 2006 2

Two Head (1997)

Two Head

This was the one figure missing from the Outcasts line.  Thanks to the magic of ebay I now have the figure.  It’s a Hulk – but with two heads and a gun for an arm.  While one head looks crazy – the other looks like it’s about to be sick.  Now that this line is complete I can sleep soundly at night.

Hulk Mug (2005) 7-11 Big Gulp (2003)

Hulk Mugs!

The small mug came in a Superhero mug pack along with Spiderman, Wolverine and Captian America.  The second was part of the promotions done at 7-11 for the Hulk movie.  Should someone consume this much soda?  No.  Is the mug the coolest thing ever?  Yes!  It’s huge and holds 52 oz.  That’s 1 1/2 Liters!  Crazy.

Hulk Rollerskates (1979)

Hulk Skates

I bought these at Rubber Chicken Comics back in ’98 or ’99.  Even though the box is open the skates have never been used.  This is high up in my collection of favorite pieces – due to the age, the fact it comes with original box, not to mention, they’re friggin’ HULK SKATES!  How cool is that?

Hulk Skateboard (1997)

Hulk Skateboard

This picture doesn’t do this great piece justice.  Each wheel has a little drawing of the Hulk on it and it is wrapped in plastic – to keep the condition pristine.  I found this at Toys R Us and have proudly displayed this great piece for years.  I’ve never seen this in any other collection or even on sale on ebay – maybe I have the only one…

Hulk Icons – Grey (2007)

Grey Icons

I told you I would get this version!  I posted the green version just a bit ago and now here is the grey – with a different head scuplt.  Not only is it very McFarlane-esque I think it also makes him look like a vampire.  That’d be a great story!  Bruce Banner is bitten by a vampire – so instead of “Hulk Smash!” it would be “Hulk Suck Blood!”  I’m writing Marvel right now.