Bowen Statue (2006)

Bowen 2006

Yes, this is another Bowen Statue, yes, this is my new favorite piece.  My friend Corry was able to pick this up for me in New Jersey and I have the big grey statue facing off against the big green one on the top of my desk.  This guy is 15 inches high and is #2152 out of 2500.  Check them both out on the statues page.  I know that there are a bunch of Hulk statues out there – but I only collect the ones I like.  I don’t think Bowen can make one that I would not like – his statues and busts are the pinnacle.

Bowen 2006 2

6 responses to “Bowen Statue (2006)

  1. Yes love your hulk collection dam didnt know they made that much stuff of the hulk I do have the statue above and it is very nice I really like it and have a glass and all his comics in the 1960s vol 1 I spent high dallor on them all VF to NM all but the first 6 issues and his new comics vol 2 and have the dvd rom hulk gitcorp made I got that for I dont have to touch my hulk comics and you can read on your computer by the way check it out if you have not already they are very readable and cool you can go to or you can get it at type in hulk comic dvd rom you will see others comic dvd roms as well anyway wanted to tell you love your hulk stuff you not selling anything are you LOL

  2. I have seen the DVD-ROM but have not picked it up just yet. I can’t picture sitting at the computer and reading comics… I like having the thing in my hands. Anyways, this is my favorite Hulk statue that I own. There are many like it – but this one is mine! 8)

  3. i just got this piece last thursday.sculpt is amazing! HULK SMASH indeed! 🙂 i love it.

  4. Yup – still my favorite!

    I should take new pics – these pictures don’t do this piece justice…

  5. I really like this Bowen statue! I have a place that has it in stock, but I’m wondering if it will fit on my shelf. Could you list the dimensions of the base please? Thanks!

  6. I have to agree this is THE best Hulk statue. I have this one, the bowen retro Hulk, the bowen Red Hulk, bowen Planet Hulk,, the bowen Hulk when Hulk is kneeling and his fist is drawn back, bowen mini statue, but this one really stands out. The classic savage Hulk at his best. HULK SMASH Y’ALL!!!

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