Loose Figures 2 (1979/1990/2003)

The little grey guy in the front is a PVC figure from 1990.  Thje 2 big mutha’s in the back are 13″ figures from the movie in 2003.  And the weird looking green hulk squating on a rock is from some sort of game from 1979.  He rolls.  That’s all I can really say aboutContinue reading “Loose Figures 2 (1979/1990/2003)”

Hulk MiniMates (2003)

So, here we have the Hulk MiniMates.  A green Hulk, a grey Hulk, and the naked, radioactive, green Hulk.  They also did a Bruce Banner (which is how I looked like in high school), a Leader and a Rhino.  The Leader is the best Hulk villian of all time so I’m glad that they made him –Continue reading “Hulk MiniMates (2003)”

Hulk Videos (1990’s)

These are old enough that I actually used to watch these.  For those young’uns out there – these are VHS tapes used with a VCR.  The have no special features or animated menus – they only have the feature presentations.  Actually, some had previews that you could fast forward through – but not skip over. Continue reading “Hulk Videos (1990’s)”