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Loose Figures 2 (1979/1990/2003)

loose figures 2

The little grey guy in the front is a PVC figure from 1990.  Thje 2 big mutha’s in the back are 13″ figures from the movie in 2003.  And the weird looking green hulk squating on a rock is from some sort of game from 1979.  He rolls.  That’s all I can really say about that.  Otherwise it’s another disgraced Hulk designed by a man who’s obviously not aware of how cool the Hulk is.

Hulk MiniMates (2003)

Hulk Minimates 2

So, here we have the Hulk MiniMates.  A green Hulk, a grey Hulk, and the naked, radioactive, green Hulk.  They also did a Bruce Banner (which is how I looked like in high school), a Leader and a Rhino.  The Leader is the best Hulk villian of all time so I’m glad that they made him – but let’s have the Abomination rather than the Rhino.  The Rhino?  What’s up with that?

Hulk Tennis Racket (1997)

Tennis Racket

I don’t play tennis – but maybe I wouldn’t need to if I showed up with this in my hands.  The other player would be so afraid to hit the ball back that I would automatically win!  I got this at Toy’s R Us back in ’97 and have never used it.  I like the Hulk image and that it says the racket is “Over-sized”  Well, of course it is. 

Marvel Zombies Mini Mates (2007)

Zombie Mini Mates

The Mini Mates released this little set just a bit ago and they did a nice job with the details.  Each little figure is represented perfectly from the comics that these toys were inspired by.  Pick this up if you have the chance.

Super Sized Hulk (1991)

Super Poseable Hulk

This Hulk, from Toy Biz, stands 15 inches high.  It says “Super Poseable” but if only the arms, legs, waist and neck can move – is that really “Super”?  The figure is quite… plain.  Like Anne in Arrested Development – you really can’t pick out something that stands out in this figure.  It just is. 

Hulk Videos (1990’s)

Hv 1

These are old enough that I actually used to watch these.  For those young’uns out there – these are VHS tapes used with a VCR.  The have no special features or animated menus – they only have the feature presentations.  Actually, some had previews that you could fast forward through – but not skip over.  Not really sure why I keep these – just can’t bring myself to throw them away.  Bought them in the 90’s but not really sure when they were first released.

HV 2

Hulk Football / Mini-Basketball (1996)

Hulk Balls

No one touches Hulk’s balls!  These are Hulk’s balls!  Only Hulk get to play with them!  Imagine the kid on the playground screaming “Don’t touch my Hulk Balls!” and everyone in on the joke but him.  I got these as presents for Christmas one year.