Hulk MiniMates (2003)

Hulk Minimates 2

So, here we have the Hulk MiniMates.  A green Hulk, a grey Hulk, and the naked, radioactive, green Hulk.  They also did a Bruce Banner (which is how I looked like in high school), a Leader and a Rhino.  The Leader is the best Hulk villian of all time so I’m glad that they made him – but let’s have the Abomination rather than the Rhino.  The Rhino?  What’s up with that?

2 responses to “Hulk MiniMates (2003)

  1. Don’t kid yourself, Bruce Banner is waaaay more masculine than you ever were in High School

  2. Cool.I heard they were making minimates for the new hulk movie!

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