Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

Marvel Poseable Diecast (2005)


Surprisingly heavy metal figure.  Surprising because I didn’t think I would find one.  These were pretty hard to find in the area where I live.  I finally did find one – an hour away in Attleboro at the Target there.  I took a chance – wasn’t even looking for this particular figure, just glanced over, and like a light from heaven, there it was!  Great story, huh?

Johnny Lightning Ford Delivery (2002)

Johnny Lightning

This is another of the cars that I have.  This time, instead of the cover to #340 it is the cover to # 1.  I prefer the other – but this is the only other Hulk car in the set.  As you can tell – I got it for $3.99 at Toys R Us.

Decorative Lights (2003)

Hulk Lights

They brought out a ridiculous amount of silly things when the Hulk movie came out.  None more than this set of Hulk heads that you string… somewhere and… I have no idea what you would do with these.  Someone gave them to me because they went on clearance and they knew I didn’t have them.  Now I do.  Yay me!

Can hardly wait to see what kind of things are released in 2008 when the new movie rolls into theaters.

Hulk Regener8r’s (2001)


This really cool little toy can change into 8 different trucks.  All of them green, all of them cool.  I’d never noticed these toys before they made a Hulk version – but I really like the idea.  They’re like Tranformers, except, instead of a semi-truck turning into a really cool robot it’s a truck that turns into another truck.  But a different truck.  One with better gas mileage probably. 

Vinyl Hulk Figure (1997)

Vinyl Hulk Figure

The same company that made the Transformation Statue made this figure.  He has a huge humpback – makes him look like Quasimodo.  There’s a comic starring the Hulk and Quasimodo that I have – when I find it I will post it.  Applause made a few Hulk things this year that I will be posting – luckily, this is the ugliest.  I took this to camp with me one year.  I was the counsellor and I made the Hulk our mascot.  True story.  Another true story is at that camp counsellors had to make a camp wide speech to the campers highlighting one of the camp ideals.  My speech was about loyalty and my example was Betty Banner.  I may be obsessed. 

Hulk Books (1966)(1978) Hulk Bookmark (1986)

Hulk Books 

These books are really old.  The first is from 1966 and has black and white copies of the first few comics.  It was thought that comics might have a better image in book form – small enough to carry around in your pocket.  But does the top text help?  Saying “…the new, groovy SUPER HEROES WITH SUPER PROBLEMS!”  Did you say super problems?!  I’m hooked already!  I can’t wait to read!

The next book, from ’78, has comics in color.  But my favorite piece here, by far, is the bookmark from ’86 that says “Return Your Books Or Else!”  Just like the 80’s to use the threat of violence to get you to do things.  Man what a great time.

Hulk Bronze Coin (1996)

Hulk Coin

This is #4167 out of 25,000.  Yeah, 25,000.  That’s a whole lot of limited, huh?  Certain pieces I have are limited to 1,000 and 2,500 so 25,000 doesn’t seem all that impressive.  The animation on the front is done by Adam Kubert – who was drawing the comic at the time – and was one of the best artists that ever drew the Hulk.  He finished his run the same time that Peter David ended his 12 year run writing the Hulk.