Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

Hulk Coloring Book (1978)

Hulk Coloring Book

This is one of the pieces that I bought at a comic show.  I do have Hulk crayons – so I could color my Hulk coloring book with Hulk crayons – if I wanted to.  The coloring book tells a story inside about Hulk going through space and meeting an alien king that looks just like him.  Then the Hulk goes back to earth and all ends well.  Don’t you just love the 70’s.

Hulk Water Gun (2002)

Hulk Gun

It’s been used many times – and it works really well.  I know I bought it at Toys R Us and it was a piece that I just came upon – I was really excited when I got it – and think it kicks ass when it comes to water guns.

Here Comes The Hulk T- Shirt (2002)

Hulk Tshirt3

I was given this shirt as a gift by my girlfriend’s brothers.  Even though I no longer date the beast – her brothers and I still talk – just recently one said brother informed me that Peter David was signing things at the New England Comics in Brockton.  I was given this shirt for Christmas.  It is tightly shrinkwrapped and never been opened.  The cartoon is a bit goofy – but I still like it.