Vinyl Hulk Figure (1997)

Vinyl Hulk Figure

The same company that made the Transformation Statue made this figure.  He has a huge humpback – makes him look like Quasimodo.  There’s a comic starring the Hulk and Quasimodo that I have – when I find it I will post it.  Applause made a few Hulk things this year that I will be posting – luckily, this is the ugliest.  I took this to camp with me one year.  I was the counsellor and I made the Hulk our mascot.  True story.  Another true story is at that camp counsellors had to make a camp wide speech to the campers highlighting one of the camp ideals.  My speech was about loyalty and my example was Betty Banner.  I may be obsessed. 

3 responses to “Vinyl Hulk Figure (1997)

  1. dats not ugly its fugly or fu#$in ugly
    your welcome for me censoring

  2. It’s better in person.

  3. He came out with the first season of the 1996 HULK cartoon show. Wolverine and I think Spidey came out too as well as a Hulk “Face Cup”.

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