Hulk Lunch Boxes (1980)(1999)

Lunch boxes

These are the Luck Boxes I have so far.  Most are novelty lunch pails, not really used for lunches.  The only genuine lunchbox in this set is the metal one with Spiderman and the Hulk on it.  The otherside features Captian America, who died this year, so it’s not a real HULK lunch box.  I’ve seen many of these on ebay going for waaaayyy too much, so I will wait and see what comes my way. 

Notice the re-coloring of the Hulk from grey to green on the lunchbox featuring Incredible Hulk #1?  They do that a few times with items that I have.  Boo to that.  It’s like when they go back and colorize old movies.  It just shouldn’t be done.  

4 responses to “Hulk Lunch Boxes (1980)(1999)

  1. i have a hulk lunch box im selling , hulk is on both sides and rhino , moonstone, doc samson , betty ross and general thunderbolt are on the side of it.

  2. What do you know about the Hulk #1 Lunchbox? I recently came across one just like the one pictured here. Although my handle is green.
    Anyhow, anything you know is helpful!

  3. I know they came out in 1999 – and they aren’t exactly sought after – but still a cool item to be sure.

  4. Hi, I garage sale shop a fair amount and the other day I came across a hulk metal lunchbox that I can’t seem to find any info about. It has a 3d embossed raised front picture of two images of the hulk and the repeated flat picture on the back. There are also smaller single images of the hulk on each side . In the background and borders are like code numbers and dna strands. Can you give me any info? It has 2008 on the bottom and a marvel stamp. there are none listed on Amazon or Ebay.
    Any info would be very much appreciated.

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