Hulk Poster (2007)


Just got this one.  I think Mark Sylvestri (I don’t know if that is spelt right) is so much better when he inks his own stuff.  Alot of inkers seem to muddle his drawings too much.  Alot of the posters that I have I got for free… some way or another.  This one Corry gave me.  Others I will tell you about later.

UPDATE: As the comment says – this poster is done by Michael Turner.  Ans it is the variant cover to Hulk #100 – which I did know – but than you to Corry for so politely explaining that in his comment.

Published by ratchet

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3 thoughts on “Hulk Poster (2007)

  1. Ryan,
    As I mentioned to you when I gave you the poster, it was done by MICHAEL TURNER. Being such a big HULK fan that you claim to be, you would know that is the Hulk #100 Variant Turner cover…..DUMB ASS!!!

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