Zombie Hulk (2007)

Zombie Hulk

I was ecstatic to walk into Newbury Comics yesterday and see a few of these just came in.  I asked about them Tuesday, went back Wednesday and BLAMMO!  Like magic there it was!  It’s pretty funky – and the Surfer’s face is on the bottom piece – because at the end the zombies ate the Surfer, and then Galactus.  Great story.  The sequel just came out and it’s starting off pretty good.  Go get it and take a look.

3 responses to “Zombie Hulk (2007)

  1. Sheesh He looks really-GROOSSSS!!I wonder what the box smells like(probably dried oysters or something I mean if he looks like THAT!) lol

  2. Hey… I just bought this figure yesterday. I was looking around at what people had to say about it, and I came across your site. It’s great man… I don’t know that I have ever seen or met anyone with as much dedication as you have.

    Feel free to email me or send me your IM to chat sometime. It’s great seeing someone so passionate about their…. well, passion.

  3. very cool figure have it too I always loved the marvel zombie comics have vol 1 and 2 vol 1 has all kinds of covers I have them all but glad I got them when they were coming out each month

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