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Mugs (1989 – 2003)

Mugs 4

The top right is the Hulk mug that is least impressive – it came out at the same time as the movie.  The top left mug came out in ’94 (same year I graduated high school) and is one of my favorite mugs.  The lower left mug is from 1989 and is the oldest mug I have.  The other obviously came from Universal Studios – where the Hulk ride is!

I have noticed on ebay a glass from 7-11 from 1978 is going for $130.00.  Although I will someday covet this glass in my collection, but do not have it as of yet, I cannot spend $130.00 on a simple Hulk glass.  It is a really nice piece though. 

Hummer 2 & Ducati Monster 900 (2003)


The other Hummer I posted is so much cooler – but this mini – Hummer has a better paint job.  This is the only Hulk Motorcycle I have in the collection.  Both bought at Newbury Comics in Kingston.

Thermoses (1978)(1980)


These 2 thermoses are great.  The one with the blue top features a Spiderman and Captain America as well.  The one with the green top is all Hulk, baby!  You can see The Leader’s name and part of his arm on the side.  I got the blue top at a flea market and the other in a comic shop in Malden. 

Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)


McFarlane was a master.  He was an illustrator at a time when superstars were being born in the comic world.  His first Hulk issue – 330 – didn’t even have the real Hulk in it.  The Hulk on the cover is Rick Jones as the Hulk.  In this issue Gen. Ross dies (but don’t worry, he gets better) and Sampson is controlled by a head monster.  Pretty entertaining issue.

333 is far and away my favorite McFarlane cover.  The cover is a bit deceptive, seeing as the story deals with an abusive sheriff and his abused wife.  The ending is classic Grey Hulk and I think shows off just what a great writer Peter David is and was and how sorely he is missed on the Hulk.

Hulk Pez (1990’s)


I have the Hulk Pez carded and bagged – different head sculpt on the card (and the second one in is in Japanese packaging)  I have a loose Pez and even a different Pez altogether.  The one that has a little body to go along with it almost shoots the Pez out.  I think if you are going to buy Pez that you should get the ones on the card because the ones in bags only come with 2 packages of Pez, while the carded ones have 3.  More Pez means more fun, in my opinion.

Hulk Briefs (1998)

Hulk Hanes

So yeah… these are Hulk boys underwear.  Never opened.  My sister, believe it or not, bought these when she was working at the Hanes warehouse on the cape.  She said she saw them and thought of me.  Weird, right?  Whatever.