Thermoses (1978)(1980)

These 2 thermoses are great.  The one with the blue top features a Spiderman and Captain America as well.  The one with the green top is all Hulk, baby!  You can see The Leader’s name and part of his arm on the side.  I got the blue top at a flea market and the other in a comic shopContinue reading “Thermoses (1978)(1980)”

Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)

  McFarlane was a master.  He was an illustrator at a time when superstars were being born in the comic world.  His first Hulk issue – 330 – didn’t even have the real Hulk in it.  The Hulk on the cover is Rick Jones as the Hulk.  In this issue Gen. Ross dies (but don’t worry, heContinue reading “Incredible Hulk #330 & #333 (1987)”