Hulk Card Games and Crayons (2003)

Hulk Cards

They brought out alot of silly things for the release of the movie.  I’m sure a Marvel was aware that they needed milk Hulk for everything he’s worth.  They probably said – if kids are coloring with Hulk crayons, they will want to watch the Hulk on T.V. at the same time!  If they are playing with cool Hulk Uno cards then they will want to go out and watch the Hulk movie after!  Okay – I have no idea what he thinking behind these products were and most of them were little gifts.  I can’t even wait for the new movie in 2008 to see what comes out of the wood work then.


5 responses to “Hulk Card Games and Crayons (2003)

  1. I’m not generally a fan of the merchandise from the blitzkreig around the first movie. Most of it is cheap and they recycled the same 6 or so hulk images that almost looked computer made. My wife knows not to buy me stuff from the first movie era. Though the badass Hulk Fists came from that era.

  2. Wow – it’s like we’re sharing a brain!

  3. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    those cards look pretty nice! They have like every incarnation of hulk on those cards!

  4. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    Never mind I just looked again and it’s just green and grey matter

  5. Heart Bracelet :

    card games are my favorite past time when not surfing the net

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