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Savage Hulk 2 (2004)

Savage Hulk 2

All these toy makers think Hulk has time to do is bend steel.  That’s all they give him when they make a Savage Hulk toy.  A big metal bar to bend.  COME ON!  He can also open really tight jar lids!  And rip telephone books in half!  Talk about a great accessory!  He can flip one of those big tires or pull a semi-truck with his teeth!  If those guys on ESPN can do that than surely the Hulk could!

Hulk Party Favors (2003)

Party Game 

When I was a kid – there were no Hulk Balloons!  There was no pin the hat on the top of Hulk’s skull.  No one had the forethought that the masterminds have today!  So I present to you – HULK BALLOONS, HULK DOODLE PAD, HULK PARTY GAME!