Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

The Amazing Spiderman #328 (1990)


The thing that I really like about this cover is the green tongue.  This McFarlane story sees Spiderman (with Cosmic Powers) punching the Hulk so hard that Hulk is sent into space.  Since it’s the Grey Hulk he thinks about how when the sun touches him he will turn back into Banner and not be able to breathe.  Luckily, Spiderman came up and saved the Hulk.  This is such a great story that, even though the Hulk loses, I read this one all the time.

Hulk Stickers and Tattoos (2003)

Hulk Stickers and Tatoos

The stickers on the left are puffy – and the stickers on the right are glittery and puffy.  The tattoos in the middle are neither glittery or puffy. 

Ceramic Mug (1997)

c mug 2 

This is probably the best looking collectible that came out of the ’97 era. C mug I really like the expression on his face and that the handle is made to look like stones.  This mug has never been used but it has been admired day after day since ’97. 

God, that sounds creepy.