Smart Hulk 2 (2003)

Hulk Smart 2

Have you ever seen a Hulk action figure that you wanted to poke him in the eyes, steal his glasses and give him a wedgie?  I think the glasses really do it here for me.  He looks like a total nerd.  And since when did Hulk need glasses?  Doesn’t his healing factor take care of any astigmatism he might have?  Banner needed the glasses – Hulk doesn’t.  and the really tight wife beater is a real step down here.  He’s a tough guy with the wife beater – and then you look at him with those glasses and think “He’s not getting any women in those things.”

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2 thoughts on “Smart Hulk 2 (2003)

  1. I wanna know if Smart Hulk is exactly the Professor? Hulk’s characteristics are kinda complex for me… Well, do you think this figure or Joe Fixit (both from 2003) is better-made? I’m thinking of buying this figure but am not aware of this one.
    By the way, I remember seeing a collector made a pair of the same furry bunny slippers like the ones in the comic for Smart Hulk somewhere on the Internet and that was really interesting. But I just couldn’t find that picture now… 😦

  2. This is the same as the Professor – and I think the Fixit figure is way cooler. The Bunny slippers would’ve been awesome – I’ve seen pictures of a custom Prof. with those slippers – I’ll see if I can find it and I will post soon!

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