Tempest Fugit Shirt (2007)

  This is the cover to the conclusion to Tempest Fugit.  Which, of course, is when Peter David came back to write the Hulk after the horrible Bruce Jones was finally done doing his damage to the title.  Peter David basically wrote that everything that happened to the Hulk under Jones pen was… wait for it…Continue reading “Tempest Fugit Shirt (2007)”

Marvel Legends Abomination (2006)

This is the best Abomination figure ever made.  This is also the first time The Abomination has made an appearence on my website.  Hulk and his strongest foe have battled many times – but none so brutal as in Hulk #25 (volume 3) – Abomination confessed to poisoning and killing Betty Banner.  And the Hulk let looseContinue reading “Marvel Legends Abomination (2006)”

“Ground Zero” Comics (1989)

This is one of the best Hulk stories ever told.  In-fact, the very first Hulk comic I ever owned was the Comic bottom center – #343 – and some of the best covers came out of this series as well.  #344, The Hulk soaring through the air with Betty hanging on and the moon inContinue reading ““Ground Zero” Comics (1989)”