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Tempest Fugit Shirt (2007)

TF 1 

This is the cover to the conclusion to Tempest Fugit.  Which, of course, is when Peter David came back to write the Hulk after the horrible Bruce Jones was finally done doing his damage to the title.  Peter David basically wrote that everything that happened to the Hulk under Jones pen was… wait for it… a dream.  I know, I know, not that creative – but we all took it with such delight because Jones was finally off the book and everything he wrote was now all erased off the Hulk continuity.

By the way, my wife loves when I talk Hulk like this.  It gets her all hot.  So hot in-fact she gets a headache and takes a nap in the other room. 

Just bought this at New England Comics in Quincy.

Blacklight Posters (1996)


Yes, I did have a blacklight in my room.  Yes, it totally turned the ladies on to see everything neon in my room illuminated with ultra bright colors.  I had these posters side by side on my wall and I think I bought them at Spencer’s Gifts before that store went all porno and Family Guy.


Marvel Legends Abomination (2006)


This is the best Abomination figure ever made.  This is also the first time The Abomination has made an appearence on my website.  Hulk and his strongest foe have battled many times – but none so brutal as in Hulk #25 (volume 3) – Abomination confessed to poisoning and killing Betty Banner.  And the Hulk let loose a severe beating to the likes that Abominations face was broken to pieces.  What a nice job Marvel Legends did on the variant of this piece showcasing Hulk’s damage to him.  Comes with a reproduction of said comic. 

The Leader (2007)

Leader Bust

This bust from Dynamic Forces is a nice piece.  The Leader’s body doesn’t fit snugly into the base though – so you have to be-careful of it.  This is #185 out of 275 and was bought off ebay for a ridiculously low price.  It retails for about $80… and let’s just say that I didn’t buy it for that.

Gamma Punch Hulk (2004)

Gamma Punch Hulk

The Hulk here is a great sculpt and the Banner has a definite Eric Bana feel.  Is it just me or the figure look a little woman-ish?  Look at those cheekbones!  Anyways – still from the best toy Line to come out so far – and I haven’t even posted them all yet.

Hulk Postcards 3 (2005)

postcards 3

These Postcards are from Hulk comics #175, #227, and #181.  Why does it always seem like the Hulk meets the other super heroes by having to fight with them?  Maybe Hulk wouldn’t be so angry if the other heroes weren’t all up in his grill all the time. 

Hulk Party Plates & Candy Sticks (1995)

part plat

Yes, these are not just Hulk Plates, but they have a great illustration of the Hulk.  Better than the ones when the movie came out.  And the Candy Sticks are still in there.  Does hard sugar sticks really go bad?  I don’t think so.