Hulk Mini-Comics, Magnet and Gamepiece (1999)

These are a few Mini-Comics, one featuring the Abomination and the other featuring the Leader.  A die-cast Magnet that my friend Corry bought me years ago an a random game piece that I found… somewhere.  I don’t have the actual game – just the piece that goes to it.  There’s also a Hulk card fromContinue reading “Hulk Mini-Comics, Magnet and Gamepiece (1999)”

The Abomination (1996)

This is not a bad figure, not as great as the Marvel Legends figure, but definetly worth getting.  In the Incredible Hulk comic #364 the “Countdown” series, Hulk is injected with a poison that will kill him unless he gets the antidote.  In the first issue of this series he fights the Abomination and meltsContinue reading “The Abomination (1996)”