Dark Hulk Poster (2002)

This is by far the coolest poster I have.  The Hulk is drawn by Deodato Jr. who, as you can see, had improved through-out his run into making the Hulk scary, large and intimidating.  This was a poster sent to comic shops to display on there walls, but a great man named Bill, (not the friendContinue reading “Dark Hulk Poster (2002)”

Universal Studios Hulk Shirts (1999/2001)

I think the Hulk ride is possibly the best rollercoaster there is.  From the very start where they shoot you up the hill that you think you are just going to climb slowly – even to the line that you wait in – a mock labratory where the Hulk was created – just a greatContinue reading “Universal Studios Hulk Shirts (1999/2001)”

Bowen Leader (2007)

Bowen is clearly the leader in this industry for a reason.  This version of the Leader is so detailed and finely painted, from the expression on his face to the little gadget controller he holds in his hands, this is far and away the most detail anyone should ever give to a Hulk nemisis.  This isContinue reading “Bowen Leader (2007)”

The Rampaging Hulk (1977)

These oversized magazines have some of the coolest covers.  The collection here is no where near complete.  I have issues 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 17-23, 25 & 26.  I may get them all but I found all of these in a small comic shop in Marshfield called Chris’ Comics.  These are the covers to #Continue reading “The Rampaging Hulk (1977)”

Hulk Postcards 4 (2005)

These postcards don’t feature the Hulk comics – they instead feature other comics that the Hulk has appeared in.  As you can see – Fantastic Four (Hulk could and has beaten the Thing way too many times for people to think that they would have a good fight anymore.)  And the Hulk has also appeared in Spiderman a ton of times too. Continue reading “Hulk Postcards 4 (2005)”

Break-out Gamma Ray Trap Playset (1996)

This is the other Playset brought out in’96.  I like this one a whole lot better than the last one.  There is a switch on the back and when you flip it a timer starts counting down until – BOOM – the Hulk comes busting out of the playset.  It’s pretty cool.  This playset isContinue reading “Break-out Gamma Ray Trap Playset (1996)”